Tecmar MicroRAM 386

@7010.ADF Tecmar MicroRAM 386 Multifunction Board
@7010.ADF Tecmar MicroRAM 386 Multifunction Board
   Different POS information, no dummy Port Module selection
C7010.ADF Description Program for @7010.ADF
C7010.ADF Alternative Description Program
C7010.ADF Alternative Description Program
   The same board from other brands use these ADFs

MicroRAM_386.zip MicroRAM 386 Operational Diskette (zipped image)
m386ssp.zip MicroRAM Series Software Diskette (zipped files)

Memory Boards - MicroRAM SC, MicroRAM 386 PC Mag 28 Jan 1992 (Google Books)
Tecmar's MicroRAM 386 Breaks The 16MB Memory Barrier (ad) PC Mag 27 Feb 1990 (Google Books)

Tecmar MicroRAM 386

Thanks to Ilya Vorobiev for the adapter photos and support files.

Tecmar MicroRAM 386 [P] [P]

J1 44-pin header for SS/P module
JPR1 3-pin jumper
MM1,2,5,6 30-pin SIMM sockets - Bank 1
MM3,4,7,8 30-pin SIMM sockets - Bank 2
U1 HY93C46 1kbit EEPROM (app note)
U2 Xilinx XC2018-70 PC84C FPGA
U3 CY7C128A-25SC 2Kx8 SRAM
U7 CY7C128A-35SC 2Kx8 SRAM
U41 Valor DL3152 60 ns delay line
U48 Valor DL2086 20 ns delay line

J1 44-pin header for an optional SERIAL/SERIAL/PARALLEL (SS/P) module.


  • Up to 32 MB per board; two banks for 256 KB, 1 MB, or 4 MB "industry standard" SIMMs
  • Up to 8 boards per system for 256 MB total RAM
  • 85 ns or faster SIMMs for MM operation, 100 ns or faster for 0-WS, or 120 ns for 1-WS
  • Matched Memory Cycle setting allows for up to 20% performance increase over zero wait states
  • Works on systems with cache
  • SIMM size and speed programmable per bank
  • Optional snap-on module for two serial and one parallel port
  • Doesn't use Track 0

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