IBM 386 Memory Expansion Adapter

@FAFF.ADF IBM 0-6 MB 386 Memory Expansion Adapter
CFAFF.ADF Init file for @FAFF.ADF

386 Memory Expansion Adapter
386 Memory Daughter Card

Is this also the 2-6MB Memory Expansion Option (6450367)?

386 Memory Expansion Adapter FRU P/N 90X9507

J1-3 Burndy VH3X32S-2Z16 (memory daughter cards)

"IBM Personal System/2 A Business Perspective" 1st Ed., pg. 49, Fig 37, "Any Model 80 can accept up to three 80386 Memory Expansion Options." Memory speed is 80 ns.

386 Memory Daughter Card (2 MB) FRU P/N 90X9009 [P]

J1 Burndy VR3X32S-2Z17 (main adapter)
U1-8,10-17 256x4 DRAM [yellow]
U9,18 IBM 89X8922 (parity?) [green]

Similar to the 15F6825 Model 80 2 MB Memory Card.

U1-8,10-17 256x4 DRAM - Panasonic MN41C4256SJ-08, Hitachi HM514256AJP8, Toshiba TC514256AJ-80, or compatible.

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