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SoundPiper MCA Drivers

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   Click on these links to download the latest known drivers for the SoundPiper Micro Channel sound card. There are four 1.44 MB disks, comprising drivers for Windows 3.1x & 95, Windows NT 3.51 & 4.0, and OS/2 Warp. Unzip using PKUNZIP -d. Please be aware that these drivers may not work properly with all SP16 cards; Piper Research was offering a free firmware upgrade for the SP16 in conjunction with the release of this driver set to fix some bugs with the card. Since Piper seems to no longer be around, neither are the firmware upgrades. Even with the latest rev, these cards do not always work in the fastest PS/2 Model 95/Server 500 machines; if your card seems to be bad, try it in a slower machine! For the best tech support available, join us in the CSIPH newsgroup (it's free!).

   For Windows 3.x, run Setup from Disk 1. Windows 9x users, refer to WIN95.TXT on Disk 2. Warp and NT users please refer to the README.TXT file on the disks.

   The Piper 16/32 drivers listed below appear to be for the ESS1688 chipset. I don't know at this point if they are backwards compatible with the ESS688 used on the SP16. The ADF included in the 3.01 ZIP appears to be written for both cards. Use at your own risk, and let me know how it works out.

   These drivers are provided without any warranty of any kind, express or implied. The disks are virus-free (to the best of my knowledge) as of the time of upload, but you are using them at your own risk. I am not associated in any way with Piper Research, IBM, or ESS Technologies.

SoundPiper 16 Drivers

Windows 3.1/95 Support Disk Rev. 2.1, Disk 1
Windows 3.1/95 Support Disk Rev. 2.1, Disk 2
Windows NT Support Disk
OS/2 Warp Support Disk

SoundPiper 16/32 Drivers *

SoundPiper 16/32 Drivers & Utilities v3.01
AudioRack 32

* My sincerest thanks go to Dan McLean for sending the Piper 16/32 drivers and AudioRack32 software.

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