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Personal Computer Hardware Technical Reference Catalog

These manuals contain interface and design information, hardware descriptions, programming considerations, and BIOS information (where applicable). No binder is included with any of these manuals; however, a binder can be purchased separately (part number 6280115, form number S229-9606).

  • Communication
  • Displays and Display Adapters
  • Diskette Drives and Adapters
  • Fixed Disk Drives and Adapters
  • Other Storage Devices and Adapters
  • Memory
  • Other Options and Adapters
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  • Communication

    • Dual Async Adapter/A — Second Edition
      (part number 68X2315; form number S68X-2315)
    • 300/1200 Internal Modem/A
      (part number 68X2275; form number S68X-2275)
    • 300/1200/2400 Internal Modem/A
      (part number 68X2378; form number S68X-2378)
    • Fax Concentrator Adapter/A Device Driver Reference
      (part number 15F2263; form number S15F-2263)
    • Fax Concentrator Adapter/A Extended Device Driver Reference
      (part number 15F2276; form number S15F-2276)
    • Internal Data/Fax Modem for the L40 SX
      (part number 15F2268; form number S15F-2268)
    • Internal and PCMCIA** Data/Fax Modem
      (part number 42G2181; form number S42G-2181;
      7-3/8" x 9", soft-cover; no binder is required)
    • Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks
      (part number 41G8678; form number S15F-2291)
    • Adapter/A for Ethernet Twisted Pair
      (part number 04G3279; form number S04G-3279)
    • Adapter for Ethernet Twisted Pair
      (part number 04G3278; form number S04G-3278)

    ** PCMCIA is a trademark of the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.

    Displays and Display Adapters

    • PS/2 Display Adapter
      (part number 68X2251; form number S68X-2251)
    • PS/2 Display Adapter 8514/A
      (part number 68X2248; form number S68X-2248)
    • PS/2 Displays 8503, 8512, and 8513
      (part number 68X2206; form number S68X-2206)
    • PS/2 Color Display 8514
      (part number 68X2214; form number S68X-2214)
    • PS/2 8518 Color Display
      (part number 92F2677; form number S92F-2677)
    • PS/2 XGA
      (part number 15F2154; form number S15F-2154)
    • Personal System/2 Image and Image-I Adapter
      (part number 71G3708; form number S71G-3708;
      7-3/8" x 9", soft-cover; no binder is required)

    Diskette Drives and Adapters

    • 3.5-Inch 720KB/1.44MB/2.88MB Drive
      (part number 42G2194; form number S15F-2258-01)
    • 5.25-Inch External Drive (360KB)
      (part number 68X2272; form number S68X-2272)
    • 5.25-Inch External Drive (1.2MB)
      (part number 68X2348; form number S68X-2348)
    • 5.25-Inch Drive Adapter (1.2MB)
      (part number 68X2349; form number S68X-2349)
    • 5.25-Inch Internal Drive (1.2MB)
      (part number 68X2350; form number S68X-2350)
    • Diskette Drive Half High (XT, AT)
      (part number 6280093; form number SS34-0016)

    Fixed Disk Drives and Adapters

    • Fixed Disk Drive Adapter/A
      (part number 68X2226; form number S68X-2226)
    • Fixed Disk Drive Adapter/A, ESDI
      (part number 68X2234; form number S68X-2234)
    • ATA IDE Fixed Disk Drive and Controller
      (part number 53G2161; form number S91F-9230-01)
    • 20MB Drive (Model 50)
      (part number 68X2219; form number S68X-2219)
    • 30MB Drive (Model 50-031)
      (part number 68X2324; form number S68X-2324)
    • 20/30/45MB Drives and Controllers (Models 25 and 30)
      (part number 92F1655; form number S92F-1655)
    • 44MB Drive (Second Edition)
      (part number 68X2317; form number S68X-2317)
    • 60MB Adapter and Controller
      (part number 68X2343; form number S68X-2343)
    • 60/120MB Drives and Controllers (Models 55 and 70)
      (part number 68X2314; form number S68X-2314;
      also covers 80/160MB drives and controllers)
    • 70/115/314MB Drives
      (part number 68X2236; form number S68X-2236)

    Other Storage Devices and Adapters

    • CD-ROM-II Drive
      (part number 10G3359; form number S10G-3359)
    • Rewritable Optical Drive
      (part number 64F1513; form number S64F-1513)
    • 3.5-Inch Enhanced Rewritable Optical Drive
      (part number 42G0367; form number S42G-0367)
    • 2.3GB SCSI Tape Drive
      (part number 84F9801; form number S84F-9801)
    • Micro Channel SCSI Adapter
      (part number 68X2397; form number S68X-2397)
    • Micro Channel SCSI Adapter with Cache
      (part number 68X2365; form number S68X-2365)
    • SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Adapter/A
      (part number 83G7545; form number S83G-7545)


    • Expanded Memory Adapter/A (0 – 8MB)
      (part number 01F0228; form number S01F-0228)
    • 80286 Memory Expansion Option
      (part number 68X2227; form number S68X-2227)
    • 80286 Memory Expansion Option (2 – 8MB)
      (part number 68X2356; form number S68X-2356)
    • 80386 Memory Expansion Option (2 – 6MB)
      (part number 68X2257; form number S68X-2257)
    • 80386 Memory Expansion Option (2 – 8MB)
      (part number 68X2339; form number S68X-2339)

    Other Options and Adapters

    • Personal System/2 Speech Adapter
      (part number 68X2207; form number S68X-2207)
    • Mouse
      (part number 68X2229; form number S68X-2229)
    • Empty binder
      (part number 6280115; form number S229-9606)

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