Local Twinax Adapter

@63FF.ADF Local Twinax Adapter
Warning: Possibly incorrect ID/ADF. David Beem's adapter returned ID 8FF6h!

General Twinax Information

Local Twinax Adapter
DE9 Twinax Interface Pinout

This adapter is used in the 5494 Remote Control Unit (1 or 2 cards).

Local Twinax Adapter P/N 03F0301

C4,5 2,200 µF 10 V
P1 DE9 (female) Twinax Iface
P2 HD26 (female) Communications Iface
S1 24.000 MHz osc
S2 LM2575T VRM
S3 C&K transformer, 415-0930
U10 Toshiba 02F9590 / T3C60A

DE9 Twinax Interface Pinout (female) (thx David)

Pin Signal
1 Port 0 Phase B
2 Port 0 Phase A
3 Port 1 Phase B
4 Port 1 Phase A
5 Unused/Missing
6 Port 2 Phase B
7 Port 2 Phase A
8 Port 3 Phase B
9 Port 3 Phase A

The DE9 shell should be connected to the Twinax shell/shield (all ports).

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