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5250_V2.zip DP5250.COM emulation program, BASIC files (zipped image)
5250_Remote_v201.zip Remote 5250 Emulation v2.01 (zipped image)
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193-111 IBM 5250 Emulation Adapter/A and Enhanced Cable Solutions (summary only)
ZP93-0301 Enhanced 5250 Emulation Program Micro Channel Support Version 1.0 (HTML)

5250 Emulation Adapters (IBM, archived)
5250 Emulation Products Overview (IBM, archived)

General Twinax Information

5250 Adapter
Product Description
Known Problems
   Twinax Attached Devices Dropping Off Line (H12761)
ADF Sections

5250 Emulation Adapter/A

FRU P/N 64G3495, USA Kit P/N 64G3494, EMEA Kit P/N 64G3496 [P] [P] | [P]
P/N 64G3513 (bad), P/N 64G3508 (field rework), 64G3506 (factory rework)

D1,2 1N5908 diode
D3-6 Protection diodes
P1 Male DB15 connector
Q2 optocoupler?
RG -5 V regulator?
U1 64F7363 TC110G26AF
U2 CXK58257AM-12L 32Kx8 SRAM
U4 NS 33G2729
Y1 32.0000 MHz osc

Product Description

The IBM 5250 Emulation Adapter/A, Part Number 64G3494, when used with a compatible terminal emulation program, enables systems meeting the IBM Micro Channel standard to be attached to IBM System/36, System/38, and AS/400 hosts. This adapter provides two physical address links to your AS/400 or S3X host. Compatible IBM 5250 terminal emulation programs include:

  • IBM Enhanced 5250 Emulation Program v2.12 and later releases
  • 5250 Emulation for Windows v1.0 and later releases
  • Personal Communications AS/400 for Windows v4.0
  • Personal Communications AS/400 for OS/2 v4.0
  • IBM PC Support/400 Version 2 Release 1 Workstation Function and later releases.
  • IBM Communications Manager-based products such as Extended Services for OS/2 and IBM Communications Manager/2 Version 1.0 and later (both support AS/400 attachment only).
  • RUMBA (1)/400 feature of PC Support/400.

Attachment is made via an appropriate cabling system, either directly to the host Twinaxial Workstation Controller or indirectly via a 5294, 5394 or 5494 Remote Control Unit.

Cable solutions for connection of the IBM 5250 Emulation Family adapters to today's popular cabling systems are supported. The IBM 5250 Emulation Data Connector Cable allows the adapters to be attached to a shielded twisted-pair cabling system via the standard IBM Data Connector. The IBM 5250 Emulation UTP Cable allows attachment to unshielded twisted-pair cabling via an industry standard RJ-11 jack. The current IBM Enhanced 5250 Display Station Emulation Integrated Cable Assembly allows adapters to be attached to traditional twinaxial cabling.

Known Problems

System 36/38 (5250) Emulation Adapter Problems (H062314)
8590 and 8595 50MHz Systems Hang with 36/38 Adapter (H093927)

Twinax Attached Devices Dropping Off Line (H12761)

5250 Emulation Adapter/A Option Kits P/N 64G3496 (EMEA), P/N 64G3494 (USA), and P/N 64G3495 (FRU) shipped after May 1993 may cause other terminals or systems to drop off the communications line when the 5250 adapter card's system unit is power off. The line may drop momentarily or may remain down until powered off unit is turned back on. This problem may occur in any Micro Channel bus machine.

This problem may also show up if customer is experiencing trouble trying to establish host sessions with other twinaxial devices on the line. If a powered off 5250 card is on the same line as the troubled device, check the level of the 5250 card for the problem card assembly listed below.

Affected 5250 adapters can be identified by card assembly P/N 64G3513 on a label on the card. Affected cards can also be identified by the FRU P/N 64G3495 labeled on the blue card holder. This level of card is the only card with the problem.

Note: P/N 64G3513 is a manufacturing part number and not the FRU number.

Affected cards can be reworked to new level card assembly P/N 64G3508 in the field by removing SMT (Surface Mount Technology) resistors R35 and R34. These can be removed by using needle nose pliers to break off these resistors. The pads for these components may come off during this operation but this will not affect the performance of the card. R34 and R35 are labeled on the card and are located near the bottom right side if the card below diodes D3, D5, D6. Both of the resistors should be completely removed.

FRU stock is being reworked to new level P/N 64G3506 and will be available through normal channels.

AdapterId ECFF IBM 5250 Emulation Adapter/A

Memory Address
   This allows you to choose the memory address for the adapter. Each adapter must have a unique address range.
  <"DC000-DDFFF">, C0000-C1FFF, C4000-C5FFF, C8000-C9FFF, CC000-CDFFF, D0000-D1FFF, D4000-D5FFF, D8000-D9FFF
;  DE000-DFFFF, C2000-C3FFF, C6000-C7FFF, CA000-CBFFF, D2000-D3FFF, D6000-D7FFF, DA000-DBFFF

I/O Address
   I/O address for adapter. Each adapter must have a unique address.
    <"01000-0107F" (01000-0107F)>, 01800-0187F, 02400-0247F, 02800-0287F, 05400-0547F, 0A400-0A47F, 0E000-0E07F, 0F800-0F87F

Interrupt Level
   Interrupt level for the adapter or disable the adapter from interrupting.
  Interrupts 9, 10, 11, 12 will be implemented in the future, at which time the comment marker will be removed. (Ed. Note that Disabled is commented out..)
  <"Interrupt 5>,6
  ;  9, 10, 11, 12, Disabled

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