Trantor T-260

@508E.ADF Trantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter

Trantor_T260_v217 T160/T260 16-Bit SCSI Host Adapter SCSI BIOS, v2.17
   2764-200, 8KB 28-pin EPROM (image from Виталий Соковенко - Vitalii Sokovenko)

SCSIWorks version 1.3 (Disk1) For Trantor products. Includes DOS drivers
SCSIWorks version 1.3 (Disk2) For Trantor products. Includes DOS drivers
ASPI Managers for Trantor products Drivers for DOS and Windows 3.x
Upgrade for Trantor ASPI Managers Upgrades existing files to EZ-SCSI 3.1 versions
TRAN_NT.EXE  WinNT 3.1/3.5 drivers for T160/260, T338, T348, and T358
TRAN_OS2.EXE  OS/2 v2.x drivers for T128/228, T130b, T160/260, T338, T348, and T358. Note: OS/2 v3.0 WARP BETA requires updated OS/2 drivers for Trantor SCSI adapters available from IBM to properly register with the new WARP Resource Manager.
TRAN_NLM.EXE   NetWare 3.12/4.0x drivers for CDROM - Trantor T130b, T160/260, and T358 MiniSCSI EPP. These drivers do NOT support hard disks, but will allow you to use a CDROM drive with a Novell v3.12 or v4.0x server and a Trantor SCSI adapter.

T-260 Installation Guide
Error Messages: for the T130b, T128, T228, T160, T260

T-260 SCSI Host Adapter
ADF Sections

T-260 SCSI Host Adapter [P]

The T-260 model uses the Apple DB25 SCSI port.
Data Transfer Rate Up to 3.2 MBytes/sec sustained rate on the Micro Channel bus and up to 2.0 MBytes/sec on the SCSI bus.

J3 internal 4 pin header (R-C-C-L) for case mounted SCSI Bus / HD activity LED header and the traces lead to J4, which is an outline for a dual LED for an external SCSI Bus / HD activity.

Term SIPPs look to be 221/331 G 8 pin SIPPs. Who is the manufacturer? See the "B" with the diagonal slash in the top loop?

"B" is manufacturer, "R" means ohms, 221/331 is confusing, I assume bussed, "G" -MAY- be tolerance, "33" may be a production code?

BIOS is TR503903-00B. Oddly enough, the ISA based T-160 has been seen with TR503903-00B as well. Further, the T-160 has been seen with "T160/T260 913801-00", which further supports the probability that the T160 and T260 are pretty close, board-wise.

ADF Sections for 508E "Trantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter"

I/O Port
    The T260 SCSI Host Adapter is I/O mapped. The port addresses used by the card must not be used by any other cards in the computer.
     <"360h - 36fh">, 350-35f, 340-34f, 330-33f, 260-26f, 250-25f, 240-24f, 230-23f

ROM Address
   A Read Only Memory (ROM) is an option on the Trantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter. If you wish to use this option you must select the 8k range of memory which will be used by the ROM. You may also disable the ROM with this selection.
    <"ROM Disabled">, c8000 - c9fff, ca000 - cbfff, 0ca000-0cbfff, ce000 - cffff, d0000 - d1fff, d4000 - d5fff, d8000 - d9fff, dc000 - ddfff

Interrupt Channel
   The Trantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter supports interrupts or they may be disabled..
   <"None">, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 15

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