Trantor T-228

@508C.ADF Trantor T228 MicroChannel SCSI Host Adapter

SCSIWorks version 1.3 (Disk1) For Trantor products. Includes DOS drivers
SCSIWorks version 1.3 (Disk2) For Trantor products. Includes DOS drivers
ASPI Managers for Trantor products Drivers for DOS and Windows 3.x
Upgrade for Trantor ASPI Managers Upgrades existing files to EZ-SCSI 3.1 versions
TRAN_NT.EXE  WinNT 3.1/3.5 drivers for T160/260, T338, T348, and T358
TRAN_OS2.EXE  OS/2 v2.x drivers for T128/228, T130b, T160/260, T338, T348, and T358 OS/2 v3.0 WARP BETA will require the updated OS/2 drivers for Trantor SCSI adapters available from IBM to properly register with the new WARP Resource Manager.

Error Messages: for the T130b, T128, T228, T160, T260

Trantor T228 SCSI Adapter
ADF Sections

Comments and image are from William R. Walsh (original archived HERE).

T228 SCSI Host Adapter [P]

J1 Internal 50 pin SCSI connector
P1 DB25 External SCSI connector
RN 1,2,3 Removable internal terminators
U1 Expansion?
U22 Zilog Z053801 SCSI IC

The adapter consists mainly of 74xx logic chips and PALs.

This looks like a card that came with a bundled CD-ROM drive from NEC. Mine has “NEC-Assembled In USA” printed on the board. Someone has written “NEC CD-ROM” near the external DB25 port. It has sockets for a ROM, probably a boot-BIOS. The sockets on mine are empty.

I don't think this would be a terribly high performance adapter. However, it is simple and can use the very inexpensive DB25 (Apple) SCSI cables. There is also a “standard” 50 pin internal connector. If you don't have the matching NEC CD-ROM, I see no reason why this couldn't be used as a secondary adapter to drive any other CD-ROM, scanner or tape device with reasonable speed. I am not sure what drivers would be required to make this adapter work. I've never seen a Zilog SCSI chipset...

Zilog Z053801 SCSI IC, 40 pin P-DIP version of Z5380, 1.5MB/sec.
Zilog Z5380 Product Specification

ADF Sections for @508c "Trantor T228 MicroChannel SCSI Host Adapter"

Memory Address
   The Trantor T228 is memory mapped.  It requires a single 8k block of memory in the address space normally used by adapter ROMs.
    <"cc000h - cdfffh">, c8000h - c9fffh, dc000h - ddfffh, d8000h - d9fffh

Boot ROM
   When used with direct access devices (i.e., SCSI hard disk) the T228 can be used to boot the computer in the absense of another bootable hard disk. This feature is only needed, and only works when there is no other bootable hard disk in the computer.
    <"Disabled">, Enabled

Interrupt Channel
   When used with multitasking systems such as Novell and Xenix, the T228 needs a single IRQ channel.  The T228 does not use interrupts under MS-DOS.
    <"None">, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 15

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