Cumulus Drive Controller-MC

Drive Controller-MC Model 124012 FCCIDGT9CLAMC

J4 4 3-pin headers
P1 DB37
P2 50-pin internal SCSI
P3 12-pin header ???
P4 4-pin power receptacle
RN2-4 Termpacks RKL 221/331G
U1 Xicor X2001P-20 (?)
U4 635001 v1.10 BIOS (?)
U15 635002 v1.10 BIOS (?)
U20 Hyundai HY6116AP-15
U9 Chips P82C612 MB623307U
U10 NCR 53C94 609-3400460
Y1 20 MHz osc

RKL 221/331G 8 pin SIPPs

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