BusLogic BT-640 / SDC 3211B

@0708.ADF BusLogic BT-640 / SDC3211B
@0708.ADF BusTek BT-640A SCSI Adapter (rename to @0708.adf)
BT-640A ADF File (same as the first file above + readme)

MultiMaster Device Drivers
BT-640A Files (BusTek/BusLogic bought by Myles, bought by LSI)

BT-640A Installation Guide

Buslogic BT64x - General Information
OS/2 Switches

BT-640 / SDC3211B
ROM Images
ADF Sections

BT-640A SCSI Adapter for Micro Channel Systems

Host Bus: 16 and 32-bit MCA 32-bit busmaster DMA transfers of up to 40 MB/sec
MPU: 8 MHz 80188 onboard microprocessor
SCSI Controller: NCR 53C94
ASIC: 86C05 busmaster ASIC
SCSI Bus: Up to 7 devices
   SCSI-2 command set compatible
   Up to 5MB/sec synchronous or asynchronous
Onboard term: single-ended 3 resistor packs (220/330 ohm) Term power supplied to bus
Firmware: Mailbox structure supports multitasking and scatter/gather
BIOS: Supports HD boot Up to 8GB storage capacity supported in BIOS

BT-640 and SDC3211B 32 Bit SCSI-1

D1 SCSI Activity LED
D2 Termpwr diode
F1 Littelfuse
J1 50-pin internal SCSI
J2 50-pin HPDB SCSI
RP1-3 Termpacks
U3 MB8464A-10L
U14 N80188
U26 NCR 86C05
U30 NCR 53C94
U34 25.0000 MHz osc
W1 ?
W2 outline for 2 pin header
W3 ?
W4 ?
Y1 H1600 xtal
Y2 40.000 MHz(?) xtal

RP1-3 single-ended termination, 8-pin 220/330 ohm SIP resistor packs (221/331G or equivalent)

ROM Images

Uses 27C256 EPROM.

3.35 Firmware / 4.70 SCSI BIOS images

AdapterID 0708h "BusLogic 32 Bit Bus Master MCA-to-SCSI Host Adapter (v1.50)"

BIOS Address
   Memory location of the host adapter's BIOS PROM. To disable the host adapter's BIOS PROM, choose the 'Disable' option. Note, if two Micro Channel host adapters reside in the system one of them must have its BIOS PROM disabled. The default setting is DC000h.
     <"DC000h">, Disable, D8000, D4000, D0000, CC000, C8000, C4000

I/O Port Address
   I/O Port of the host adapter. Default I/O address is 330h.
     <"330h">, 334, 234, 134, 230, 130

Arbitration Level
   DMA channel used to transfer data The default level is 5.
     <"Level_5">, 6, 7, 4, 3, 1, 0

Arbitration Fairness
   Bus Arbitration Fairness controls whether the host adapter implements the fairness alorigthm after it is preempted from the Micro Channel. Default is fairness enabled.
     <"On">, Off

Interrupt Request
   Interrupt channel the host adapter will use to report status. The default is interrupt 15.
     <"Int_15">, 14, 12, 11, 10, 9

Data Streaming
   The streaming data procedure transfers data blocks by using a single address followed by multiple 16- or 32-bit data transfers within a single streaming data cycle. If data streaming is enabled, the host adapter can achieve a maximum data transfer rate of 40 MBytes/sec on the Micro Channel bus. If data streaming is disabled, the maximum data transfer rate is 20 MBytes/sec.
     <"Disable">, "Enable"

Note: SCSI BIOS 4.70 has "33 Megabyte per second Bursting Transfer Active".

Adapter SCSI Bus ID
   SCSI ID of the host adapter. The default setting is SCSI ID 7
     <"Id_7">, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0

Adapter Initiate Sync Negotiation
   Synchronous transfer on the SCSI bus will be initiated by the host adapter if 'On'. The default setting is On.
     <"On">, Off

Adapter SCSI Parity Checking
   The host adapter will check SCSI Parity if 'On'. The default setting is On.
     <"On">, Off

DOS Disk Space > 1GBytes
   The host adapter will change cylinder, head, & sector per track to support drive capacity greater than 1GigaByte if 'On'. The default setting is Off. See the information below on Disk >1GB.
     <"Off">, On

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