7012 Planar

Original images courtesy of Rick Ekblaw.

7012 Ethernet Riser  P/N 52G4737 FRU 43G0382

F1 1 A, 250V fuse
J1 card edge plugs into planar
J2 AUI / coax
J3 Ethernet AUI connector 
J4 Ethernet coax connector
PS1 Valor PM6030
U1 Intel D82C501AD
U2 DP8392CN-1 Coax xceiver
Y1 20.000 MHz xtal

PS1 Valor PM6030 12V to 9V power regulator

The RS/6000 adapter identifier on the backplate is 2-8.

7012-370 Memory Card P/N 65G1800 FRU not indicated

J1-8 72-pin sockets, gold plated
U1,3 50G6861
U2 50G6858

7012 SCSI Bus Extension Card P/N 51G9781 FRU 00G2721

Rick says:
   As you can see, there's not much to this "SCSI Bus Extension Card". It has a 62 card edge connector (31 on each side) that plugs into the planar, and two standard SCSI narrow connectors (CN1, CN2) are available to attach 3.5-inch SCSI hard drives.

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