Open Architecture Scalable Array System

Software RAID from Integra Technologies, Inc.

291-629 OASAS I Release 1.0 For IBM OS/2
293-092 OASAS I Disk Array Management Software Ver 2.0 For OS/2 2.0

OASAS_201.RAR OASAS ver. 2.01.15, includes WARP (CSD)
OASAS I, CSD 2.01.15 files expanded (7 Zip)
OASAS I Installation README
570700 INTEGRA OASAS I For NetWare 3.1 Servers
   Ed. I have seen a copy of NetWare 3.x OASIS, and DIMMly remember IBM was happy to supply it. Not sure if Integra had an NT version, but they did have a Unix, SCO?

IBM SCSI Hard Drives Some parameters, but you may have to use a SCSI utility.
I believe with a good SCSI utility, you can query any SCSI drive to get the needed parameters.
Bart's SCSItool, ver. 1.04d (last version released) SCSItool page
MKBOOT ver. 2.0 (last version released) MKBT Page
Bart's Scsitool Boot Disk Boot Disk page

Supported Array Types (ver. 2.01, from OAS.MSG)


Mirrored arrays must have an even number of drives.

OASAS Files (from the OASAS I README)

File Description
DEINSTAL.EXE De-install OASAS software.
INSTALLI.CMD Initial install of OASAS Software.
OAS.MSG OASAS messages
OASADMIN.EXE Menu driven control panel for OASAS software.
Note: Messages are from OAS.MSG or OASH.MSG
OASAS.FLT OASAS array driver.
OASCNFG.EXE Configures or re-configures OASAS array.
OASCNVT.EXE Converts OASAS array RAID5 to RAID0 and vice versa.
OASFMT.EXE Formats an OASAS array.
OASH.MSG Help messages for OASAS
OASLOG.EXE Logs information sent by OASAS utilities.
OASLOG.EXE can’t be called from command line
Information logged in OASAS.LOG.
OASMON.EXE Handles OASAS driver messages.
OASRECRT.EXE Recreates data of down drive to replacement drive.
OASETUP.EXE OS/2 program called by INSTALLI.CMD
OASSCAN.EXE Used to verify ECC blocks on an array.

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