Needham's Programmers

Needham's Electronics was bought by Logical Devices, Inc in 2009.
Archived Needham's Electronics pages: Legacy Programmers & Legacy Adapters

Important: We are not related to Needham's Electronics in any way, and we are not selling any of their hardware.

PB-10 Programmer (PC Card)
EMP-10 Programmer (mostly empty)
EMP-11 Programmer
EMP-20 Programmer

EBC Company Universal Socket Adapters

EMP Software, ver 1.7 (Algorithm Pack 1 & Service Pack 1)
   Requires Windows Installer 2.0. Zipped version HERE (run EMP.EXE)
   InstMsiW.exe Windows Installer 2.0 for Win NT 4.0 SP6 / 2000 (archived page)
   InstMsiA.exe Windows Installer 2.0 for Win 95/98 (archived page)
EMP Software, ver 1.6 (exe file, installs normally on NT 4)
EMP Software, ver 1.5 (exe file, installs normally on NT 4)
(I believe the EMP software runs on Win95/98/NT. I run it on NT 4.)

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