SMC 8013WP/A

@61C8.ADF EtherCard PLUS Elite/A (8013EP/A) (AUI/BNC)
   61-600369-000, IBM P/N 04G5677 FRU 92F0005
@61C9.ADF EtherCard PLUS Elite 10T/A (8013WP/A) (AUI/RJ45)
   61-600402-002 IBM P/N 10G7238 FRU 92F0046, sticker: "Ethernet Adapter/A"

IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet ID EFD4 under Win95 and Win NT (Sandy)
Comparison of the Performance of Various MCA Ethernet Adapters

SMC acquired Western Digital's NICs. So a WD8003 corresponds to a Elite 16 8003.
Note: W95 / WinNT 4.0 drivers exist for SMC (WD) 8003E, 8003W, 8013EP, 8013WP

Elite 16 Ultra series of Ethernet Adapters for 8003, 8013, 8013/A 8216
8013-UGD.pdf 8013(/A) User's Guide (Had it somewhere...)
adf200.exe (8.0K) Elite ADF Configuration file for our MCA adapters
asd700.exe (1007.5K) Latest SuperDisk for Elite/Ultra adapters
dia401.exe (83.4K) Diagnose utility for Elite and Ultra Adapters
gez122.exe (41.8K) New EZSETUP For Elite EtherCard Plus/ Ultra in Dos Ver1.08
gpk115.exe (70.8K) Packet Drvr V11.5 for use with 8/16 Bit Elite/Ultra Adapter.
setjmp.exe (7.8K) Switch setting for most of the Elite Ethernet Line of Cards.
ETHER.EXE 8013 Drivers and utils DOS/WfW/W95/NT4/OS2/Packet
gsu124.exe   SMC SCO LLI 3.4 DRIVER
guw402.exe   SMC UNIXWARE 2.x Driver
smc-ultra.c    SMC Ultra Ethernet driver for Linux

8013 EtherCard PLUS Elite EP Shown

CR3 POL (WP only)
CR4 LNK (WP only)
F1 PTC resistor
J2 AUI port
J3 BNC (EP) or RJ45 (WP)
U2 Sting BIOS?
U3,4 Hyundai HY6264ALJ-10
U8 SMC 83C690LJ P
U11 83C594-NK Bus Interface
U13 PCA EPC1002PS (EP only)
U16 SMC 83C694LJ P
U17 WD83B692-PC (EP only)
Y1 40.0000 MHz osc

IBM Ethernet Adapter/A P/N 04G5677 FRU 92F0005 [8013EP/A]

IBM Ethernet Adapter/A P/N 10G7238 FRU 92F0046 [8013WP/A]

SMC 83C694D Twisted-Pair Interface and Manchester Encoder/Decoder datasheet
WD83B692 Ethernet Transceiver datasheet

U2 on IBM 92F0046 [TP] 10G7239, ver 2.19
Am27C512-200 28 pin 512 Kbit (64 K x 8-Bit) CMOS EPROM

U2 on IBM 04G5677 [BNC] 04G3872, ver 2.18 (Card is "Type 2")

AdapterId 61C8 EtherCard PLUS Elite/A (8013EP/A) (AUI/BNC)
AdapterId 61C9 EtherCard PLUS Elite 10T/A (8013WP/A) (AUI/RJ45)

Adapter I/O Space
   <" I/O Base 0800h " (800h-081F)>, 1800 (1800-181F), 2800 (2800-281F), 3800 (3800-381F), 4800  (4800-481F), 5800 (5800-581F), 6800  (6800-681), 7800  (7800-781F), 8800  (8800-881F), 9800  (9800-981F), A800  (A800-A81F), B800  (B800-B81F),  C800  (C800-C81F), D800  (D800-D81F), E800 (E800-E81F), F800 (F800-F81F)

Shared Ram Base Address
   Shared RAM base address for a 8K or 16K window.
     <" 0C0000h, 16K " (C000-C3FF)>, C4000h (C400-C7FF), 0C8000h (C800-CBFF), CC000h (CC00-CFFF), D0000h (D000-D3FF), D4000h (D400-D7FF), D8000h (D800-DBFF), DC000h (DC00-DFFF), FC0000h  (FC000-FC3FF), FC8000h (FC800-FCBFF), FD0000h (FD000-FD3FF), FD8000h (FD800-FDBFF)
    " 0C0000h,  8K " (C000-C1FF), C2000h (C200-C3FF), C4000h (C400-C5FF), C6000h (C600-C7FF)

BIOS ROM Base Address
    When enabled, different sizes and address spaces can be assigned.  Normally, select  <BIOS ROM Disabled>
     <" Disabled">, C0000h, 16K (C000-C3FF), C4000h (C400-C7FF), C8000h (C800-CBFF), CC000h (CC00-CFFF), D0000h (D000-D3FF), D4000h (D400-D7FF), D8000h (D800-DBFF), DC000h (DC00-DFFF)

Interrupt Level
     " Level  3 ", 4, <10>, 14

     <BNC>, AUI

   <AUI or 10BaseT >,  TwPr - No link

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