ForeRunner MCA-200E/UTP5 ATM

S0074_01 ForeRunner MCA-200E/UTP5 ATM User's Manual
   As of this point, I have only seen drivers for AIX versions 4.1.4, 4.1.5, and 4.2.
AALI Program Ref FORE Systems, Inc. Programmer's Reference Manual for AALI Interface

* MCA-200E/0C3ST 
* MCA-200E/0C3SC
* MCA-200E/UTP5. 

Jelte sent me a scan and the User's Guide.

ForeRunner MCA-200E

DS1 Transmit Status LED
DS2 Receive Status LED
DS3 i960 Fail
DS4 Status
J2 RJ-45
JP1 Two pin jumper
G1 50.0000 MHz osc
G2 SARONIX 19.4400 MHz osc
G10 40.0000 MHz osc
G11 outline for full can osc
T1 Valor ST6113
T3,4 PE-68508 transformer
U1 PLD02740
U3-5,7 CY7C188-20VC
U6 EPRM0730
U10,11 Toshiba TC551664AJ-15
U12 Toshiba TC160GA8AF
U15 PMC PM5346-RC
U18 Fore  ASIC0180  16A8F1216
U23 i960 25MHz (CA? CF? Hx?)
U24 EPRM0990
U29 National Semi DP8332AV

U15 PMC PM5346-RC is marked "S/Uni-155 Lite"

Meaning of LEDs
Transmit             Receive
Green   Xmit Data    Green  Recv Data
Off     Idle         Off    Idle
Yellow  SONET Alarm  Red    No Carrier
         OC-3 Only

ForeRunner Port Types 

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