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Streamers Under W95
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Streamer Family (MCA only)



Known Problems

Slot 8 Incompatibility in 8595 and 9595 (SF2223)

Streamers Under W95 (from Peter, edited)

If you want to install any of the Streamer adapters (see above) under Win95, you need TRPALS4.EXE Auto LANStreamer PCI (!) NDIS3 Driver Disk Ver. 1.03.

The Win95 subdir contains a W95SETUP.INF, which also includes the files / settings for these MCA cards as well:

Works great (testing with Auto LANStreamer MC 32) and improves data throughput quite a lot. Note that you should use an IRQ above 8 for the 32-bit adapters.

Streamers Under NT4

TLDR: You should put it in Slot 1 through 7, not in Slot 8. Use NT SP2 or later and the latest NDIS drivers from HERE. The problem is a known bug and it's described in the following documents from Microsoft:

Q156324 Differences in Slot #s
Q167632 Failures after applying SP2 (Apply SP3 instead!)

Details: It's a "no go" unless you have SP3 or the revised NDIS.SYS (122.224 bytes) from Microsoft. There is a document from IBM - RMIE-3ACDGC "Servers - Streamers not working under Windows NT v4.0", which references Q156324 "MCAFINDBUS fails to enumerate net cards / Device Manager Message with MCA Network Adapter" (NT looked at MCA slots starting with 0, not 1).

Non-MCA buses are not affected by this problem. The following MCA network adapters are known to be affected: 3Com 3C527 Etherlink MC/32, IBM Streamer adapters, Cabletron F30xx FDDI, NCR Starlan TR, NCR Wavelan and SysKonnect FDDI.

The MS Knowledge Base has the Articles Q157815 "Service Control Manager Event 7003 and 7024 (2105)" / NetBIOS Interface missing (install or bind NetBIOS).

The NDIS.SYS device driver in Service Pack 2 fails to detect any network cards installed in MCA slots 8 or higher. Network cards installed in slots 1 through 7 are detected by Windows NT and function normally.

Updated NDIS 3 and 4 Drivers

Wolfgang Gehl said (specifically about Auto LANStreamer):
   This seem to be the latest Drivers for W95, NT 3.x and NT 4.0. I have installed steamer.sys ver. 5.23 on my 95XP under NT 4.0. It runs fast and reliable. There are more comfortable configuration options now, unlike those found in TRPALS4.EXE.

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