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  One of "3 Large functions" of Multistation was a word processing.
  When Multistation appeared, it name was the "Bunsyo Program".
  This program was started by the system different from DOS.

  Although this program repeated upgrade as it was, the "DOS Bunsyo Program"
  which operates on DOS newly behind was added.
  And it became a "DOS Bunsyo Program" to operate on PS/55 of MCA, and the
  "Bunsyo Program" was lost.

  There was also another word processor of another software house, such as
  "Ichitaro" and "WordStar."

  Bunsyo Program
  DOS Bunsyo Program
  Others Japanese Word Processer
  Others language Word Processer

  Bunsyo Program
    It is the program of the word processor put on the market simultaneously with
    the appearance of Multistation.
    On DOS, this program did not operate, but when applying with a hard-disk, it
    needed to be assigned to another partition.

      The version was from 1.0 to 5.4.

      It was as highly efficient, and at least 384KB memory was required at the time
      or version 1.0. Since the beginning term type standard memory was 256KB,  it
      needed to extend. Depending on the function used by the version 4.0, it 512KB
      memory was needed, and 640KB memory was needed in a version 5.0.

    Dictionary / Font
      There were an idiom dictionary / fonts of IBM basic character set and extended
      character set as an option. The font had both 24 dots and 16 dots.
      Otherwise, the extended dictionary and the font of 12 points (No. 4 printing type)
       for using it by patent application etc. were options.

    Document distribution program
      It is a program for transmitting and receiving a document via a document
      distribution program host system. When a 5.0 or more-version Bunsyo Program
      was used, data, such as business graph and a figure, was able to be included.

    File Conversion Utilities (PC-WP)
      Bunsyo Program does not operate in DOS. This is a required program when
      taking in the data on DOS.
      From the intermediate version, bidirectional conversion was attained and
      conversion of a document with DOS Bunsyo Program was also attained.
      The conversion utility moved on DOS also appeared as an object for MCA
      machines behind.

      W1 type keyboard can be used now from a version 5.1.
      This keyboard was premised on mainly using a word processor.
      Arrangement is based on 1 and 2 types. The function of a word processor is
      assigned to the function key.

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  DOS Bunsyo Program
    The word processor put on the market in order to make it the system on DOS
    is a "DOS Bunsyo Program."

    The DOS Bunsyo Program for Multistation had I and II.
    There is a version of exclusive use as an object for 5535 independently.
    III is the version which operates by PS/55 of MCA.

      I is only a version 1.0. There is II to a version 6.0.
      The object for 5535 has a version 1.0 and a version 6.0.
      III corresponds also to DOS/V by the version 2 or 3.

    Environment of operation
      Although there is no publication about a memory, it is thought that 640KB is
      probably required.
      Although the drives are the two minimum diskette-drive, the Kanji Font Card
      and the Extended Dictionary Card (for clause conversion) are needed in this
      In DOS, more than version K2.7 (it is more than K3.2 at the time of use of a
      network) and the object for 5535 have become more than K3.3.

    DOS Bunsyo / office support communication utility
      It is a program for transmitting and receiving a document via a host system.
      It is equivalent to the document distribution program of Bunsyo Program.

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