EduQuest Token Ring Adapter

EduQuest TR Adapter
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Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE). Edited by Major Tom.

EduQuest TR Adapter FRU P/N 6263325, P/N 6263326 [P] [P]

This is a proprietary "inverted ISA" adapter designed specifically for the EduQuest line.

EduQuest TR Adapter

P1 3-pin jumper (rearmost pins jumped)
S1 DIP switchblock
T1,2 39F6511
U1 50G6144(ESD) 16/4 TR Iface
U11,12 TC55329J-35 32Kx9 SRAM
U? 6263329 µcode + RPL? ROM
Y1 32.0000 MHz osc

Jumpers/Switches Not a clue, but I'd suspect they are similar to or the same as the ISA TR adapters.

I should find out if this adapter supports RPL. It probably does... seems that booting from a centralized server was pretty common in the educational market so as to cut costs.

Looks just like an ISA version of the ubiquitous short 16/4 adapter for MCA machines.

ROM Images

The original device is Toshiba TC57H1024AD-85 (U?, not marked visibly).

6263329 - © IBM CORP. 1991, 1993 [P]

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