EduQuest Sound Card

EduQuest Sound Card
Optional Sound Extension Board

Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE). Edited by Major Tom.

EduQuest Sound Card P/N 60G0813, FRU P/N 60G0823, FCC ID ANO9603EDQ60G0813 [P] [P]

This is a proprietary "inverted" ISA adapter designed specifically for the EduQuest line.

MWAVE EduQuest card

F1 Fuse for MIDI/Game port
J1 Line In
J2-5 CD Audio In headers
J6 Front Panel header
J7 Mic In
J8 Line Out
J9 MIDI/Game port
JP1,2 Base I/O Addr. selection
JP3,4 "RFREQ" (both closed)
JP5 MIDI func. enable
JP6 MIDI/Game port enable
JP7-12 IRQ selection
JP13 2-pin header (open)
JP14-19 DMA channel selection
JP20 3-pin header (center and right closed)
OSC1 33.8688 MHz osc
OSC2 23.040 MHz osc
U1 Crystal CS4215-KL codec

JP1,2 Base I/O Addr. selection

Setting JP1 JP2
4E30h Open Closed
8E30h Closed Open
CE30h Open Open

JP7-12 IRQ selection. In order from JP7 to JP11:
   IRQ7, IRQ5, IRQ4, IRQ3, IRQ9, IRQ15

JP14-19 DMA channel selection. In order from JP14 to JP19:

Setting JP14 JP15 JP16 JP17 JP18 JP19
DMA5 Closed Closed Open Open Open Open
DMA6 Open Open Closed Closed Open Open
DMA7 Open Open Open Open Closed Closed

Supposedly this card works under Windows 95. I have no idea whether or not this is true, and if it involves reusing Windows 3.1x drivers or not. I have no idea where any drivers for the card are and would appreciate being directed to them if they still exist. Please Contact Us if you have information on this.

Optional Sound Extension Board (thx to David L. Beem for providing this)

Runs two headphone plugs, one microphone plug, and a volume control to the system's front for easy access.

Sound Board

D1 LED (?)
J1 Connection to sound card
J2 Earphone Plug #1
J3 Connection to planar for basic audio
J5 Earphone Plug #2
J6 Connection to System Speaker
J7 Microphone Plug
U1 Samsung KA386 amp

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