EduQuest Ethernet Adapter

EduQuest Ethernet Adapter
ROM Images

EduQuest Ethernet Adapter "(c) D-Link 1991, 1992" P/N 33G8171 [P] [P]

This is a proprietary "inverted ISA" adapter designed specifically for the EduQuest line.

J1 BNC connector
LED 4 status indicators
P1 RJ45 connector
T3 Transformer daughter board
U1 10G3714 RPL ROM
U2 D-Link DL2516
U3,4 Hyundai HY6264ALJ-70 8Kx8 SRAM
U7 NS NM93C46 1Kbit EEPROM (MAC)
U9 AT&T T7213-EC Dual iface chip
X1 20.000 MHz xtal

LED 4 status indicators, from top to bottom: Power/TX (yellow), Link/RX (green), Collision (yellow), Jabber (red)

ROM Images

The original device is 27C128-150 (U1).

10G3714 - © IBM CORP. 1993, V. 1.07

ROM Strings

The following copyright strings can be found in the ROM image (10G3714):

(C) Copyright International Business Machines Corp., 1991, All Rights Reserved.
(C) Copyright Datex Systems, Inc. 1991, All Rights Reserved.

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