EduQuest Sound

Sound Card
Optional Sound Extension Board

Content by William R. Walsh (original HERE). Modified by Major Tom.

Sound Card (Thanks to Arthur H. Walker for providing this card)

MWAVE EduQuest card

JP1-JP5 Marked as "Addr", "RFREQ", and "MIDI". (?)
JP7-11 IRQ selection.
JP13 Not a clue--it is open on my adapter.
JP14-JP19 DRQ/DACK selection.
JP20 3-pin header (?). Set on pins facing the rear (away from the ports) on mine.
OSC1 33.8688MHz OSC
OSC2 23.040MHz OSC
U1 Crystal CS4215-KL


JP7-11 IRQ selection. Choices in order from JP7 to JP11 are:
   IRQ7, IRQ5, IRQ4, IRQ9, IRQ15

JP14-JP19 DRQ/DACK selection. Choices in order from JP14 to JP19 are:

The "CD Audio" plugs above are a set of 4x4 pin headers. I believe they all have the same pinout and you can plug your CD-ROM drive's audio output into any of them with the same results.

Supposedly this card works under Windows 95. I have no idea whether or not this is true, and if it involves reusing Windows 3.1x drivers or not. I have no idea where any drivers for the card are and would appreciate being directed to them if they still exist. Please Contact Us if you have information on this.

Optional Sound Extension Board (Thanks to David L. Beem for providing this and the bezel)

Runs two headphone plugs, one microphone plug, and a volume control to the system's front for easy access.

Sound Board

J1 Connection to sound card
J2 Earphone Plug #1
J3 Connection to planar for basic audio
J5 Earphone Plug #2
J6 Connection to System Speaker for audio output
J7 Microphone Plug
U1 Samsung KA386

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