Pentium® Processor Replacement (FDIV)

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In December of 1994, Intel announced a lifetime replacement policy on the well publicized floating point unit flaw, contained in the then current version (60-100MHz) of the Pentium® processor. Non-FPU flawed versions of the Pentium processor began shipping in late 1994. If you took delivery of your system on Jan 1, 1995 or later, it is increasingly probable that you have a processor without the flaw. Therefore, it is important that you check your system to determine if a replacement is needed. See question 2 in the FAQs to find out how you can easily check your system for the flaw.

The replacement program is directed at End Users of working systems who are concerned about the impact of this flaw on their applications (see White Paper for more information). The FAQ describes the replacement process as well as answers commonly asked questions. In addition to this guide, you can call the customer service numbers for information regarding the replacement program.

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