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Content by Bob Eager, Tavi Systems (original archived HERE).
Last Updated: 29 Dec 2002

This page provides access to some useful AIX documents, relevant to AIX 1.3 for PS/2 systems. Thanks to Rick Ekblaw!

The documents are in individual ZIP files, and are in IBM BookManager format (.BOO). The filenames inside the ZIP files are the BookManager names for the documents, which bear no relation to the document numbers shown below, or on the cover pages!

Click on the name of a file (in the right hand column) to download it. There are also some bookshelf files, collected in a single ZIP file. These may be of some use, but it is often better to construct one's own bookshelves.

Document # Description File Name
GC23-2055-01 AIX/370 General Information
GC23-2062-02 AIX/370 General Information
GC23-2065-01 AIX/370 Planning Guide
GC24-5647-01 VM PWSCS Documentation
SC23-0184-05 Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library Online Reference Summary
SC23-0521-01 OSL Reference Summary
SC23-2001-01 INed
SC23-2017-02 AIX X-Windows User's Guide
SC23-2037-01 Keyboard Description and Character Reference
SC23-2038-00 Usability Services Guide
SC23-2039-00 Usability Services Reference
SC23-2041-00 User's Guide
SC23-2042-00 Administrator's Guide
SC23-2044-01 Text Formatting Guide
SC23-2045-00 DOS Merge User's and Administrator's Guide
SC23-2051-00 VS/AIX Interface Library
SC23-2057-02 C Language User's Guide
SC23-2058-02 C Language Reference
SC23-2066-01 AIX/370 Installing and Customizing the Operating System
SC23-2087-00 INmail/INnet/INftp
SC23-2088-01 Administration Guide
SC23-2090-01 Diagnosis Guide
SC23-2118-02 X-Windows Programmer's Reference
SC23-2184-01 Xommands Reference
SC23-2290-01 AIX/370 Installing and Customizing the Operating System
SC23-2291-01 Using the Operating System
SC23-2293-01 Managing the Operating System
SC23-2294-01 AIX Operating System Messages Reference
SC23-2300-01 AIX Operating System Technical Reference
SC23-2304-01 Programming Tools and Interfaces
SC23-2324-01 AIX Operating System Library Guide, Glossary, and Master Index
SC33-8114-00 Installing and Diagnosing Problems
SC33-8116-01 Installation and Problem Diagnosis
SC33-8118-00 ISO PHIGS Implementation Reference
SC33-8191-02 Understanding Concepts
SC33-8192-01 Writing Applications
SC33-8194-01 Subroutine Reference
SC33-8196-01 Messages and Codes
SC33-8197-01 Installation and Problem Diagnosis: GDDM/graPHIGS API I
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