AIX Origions

Alan wrote:
   Actually (ahem!) it was my company, Locus Computing Corp. that was developing AIX/386 ("Stetson"), which because AIX/PS/2 and AIX/370 and created TCF (transparent computing facility, which was LOcally Cooperative Unix Systems, or LOCUS) before IBM renamed it.

AIX/386 with DOS Merge and PC/X was one alternative to OS/2 and Windows that was destroyed by IBM by its restrictions (must run in 2 MB of DRAM ... uh huh ... right.) and its internecine warfare (AIX 2.2.1 for ROMP-C RTPC was developed in Austin and no one at IBM Austin wanted to deal with Locus very much 'cause they were working on RIOS, which became RS-6000, and it was all very hush-hush). Locus was developing its AIX in Santa Monica and Inglewood, CA and dealing with Palo Alto (compilers), Kingston (VM and 370's, and those Kingston people HATED the Poughkeepsie MVS people!), and Boca (hardware, 'natch).

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