RT PC Multiprotocol Adapter

Multiprotocol Adapter P/N 08F3207

OSC 14.7456 MHz osc
P1 3 ports
U1,18,97,98 TMM2016BP-12
U2 Intel 80C51BH1
U21 AMD Z8530APC
U43 82C55A-2
U64 NEC D8237AC-5

R. Stricklin says:
   The 08F3207 is the "RT PC Multiprotocol Adapter". It has two asynchronous serial ports (RS-232C on the 16-pin connectors) and one synchronous serial port (X.21 on the 14-pin connector). I thought I had information about cable pinouts, but I can't find it right now. I will write back if I locate it.

Rick Ekblaw writes:
   P1 has 2 16-pin (2x8) ports (top two), then the "bottom" port nearest C28 has 13 pins (2x7 with one pin missing - the middle pin in the second row). The connector is not labeled, so P1 is as good a designator as any.

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