RT PC Extended Monochrome Graphics Display Adapter

Extended Monochrome Graphics Adapter

H1 Impedance matching coil?
P1 16 pin port (.100" spacing)
U1-16 IBM 6350195
U17 6299455
U28 6848164
U34 6299313
U35 6453978
U36 6453959
U50-54 U5x "45" PALs
Y1 60.825600 MHz osc

There are two numbers, 60X5738 and 79X3483 on this adapter.

R. Stricklin pops up with:
   Your "RT PC What?" is the "RT PC Extended Monochrome Graphics Display Adapter", which drives the 6155 Extended Monochrome Graphics Display at 1024x768. U1-U16 are the framebuffer RAM devices.
   FWIW all of the RT PC display adapters use this connector [P1], except the two IBM PC-compatible adapters and the MegaPel.

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