RT PC ESDI Magnetic Media Adapter

Enhanced ESDI Magnetic Media Adapter (Late)

J1 Floppy
J2 dasiy chained data cable
J3 first drive control cable.
J4 second drive control cable
J5 third drive control cable
J6 Primary/secondary address
U1 Intel P80C31BH
U2 Adaptec AIC-010F
U15 6301209ESD
U16 BIOS 30F8935
U27 TMM2016BP-10
U35,58 SRM20256LC12 
U36 6487620
U50 Intel P8272A
Y1 24.000 MHz osc
Y2 12.000 MHz osc 

J6 Primary is to the left, secondary is to the right.

Slot 6 only?
I/O Floppy 03F0-03F7, HD 01F0-01F7 and 05F0-05F7
DMA Channels: Floppy 6, HD 0 or 1 (set by program)
IRQ Floppy 6, HD 12 or 14 (set by program)

The early version of the Enhanced ESDI has a single jumper underneath U50, while the late version has it in the lower left corner (as shown).

The ported EESDI seems to be the Late model with an external port (the late model has a triple row of solder pads by the bracket).

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