RT PC 5080 Attachment Adapter

5080 Attachment Adapter P/N 6247871 no FRU

P1 20 Pin connector
IRQ 7,6,5 Select IRQ
TP Test Points Unk
R9,8,7 Potentiometers
U20 MC68010P8
U54 VLSI ???
U64 32.0 MHz osc
U67 MC68844P
U68 TI TMS4500A-200N

IRQ7,6,5 When choosing an IRQ, use two jumpers per IRQ. The HMS says to always use IRQ6 (so why have jumpers?)

Supposedly cannot be installed in a 6151 (Desktop).
Install in Slot 2, 4, 5, 7, or 8 in a 6150.
* 5080 Attachment Adapter (#7860,6247851)
   - used to attach the RT processor to the 5085 Graphics processor.

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