RT PC References

The following two references are from Typewritten Software, by R. Strickland
Virtual Resource Manager Programming Guide Programming interfaces provided by the VRM
RT PC Options Installation

RT PC User Setup Guide SA23-2608-0, 3d Ed. 1988

6151 System Unit - Hardware Maintenance and Service Manual
  Note: IBM used a light cyan color for some text and highlighting. In the interest of trying to keep file sizes and image quality reasonable, I scanned in B/W and some examples may appear blank. As time allows, I will edit each file and add the missing text. 18 MAR 07

Section 1 - System Description
Section 2 - Diagnostics
Section 3 - Problem Isolation Charts
Section 4 - Remove and Replace
Section 5 - Base System Unit
Section 6 - System Memory Options
Section 7 - Diskette Drive
Section 8 - Fixed Disk Drives
Section 9 - Adapters
Section 10 - User Input Devices
Section 11 - Displays
Section 12. Tape Drive
Section 13 - Appendixes

RT PC Guide to Operations SA23-2607-0 3d Ed June 1988
Part 1
Part 2

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