IBM 6094 Common Devices

Scoop on IBM Dials and Buttons boxes? (archived)

Power Supply

5 V / 500 mA power supplies

6247468 - Power Supply; 120 V for attaching LPFK to any PS/2.
6247469 - Power Supply; 220/240 V for attaching LPFK to any PS/2.
6247470 - Power Supply; 220/240 V for attaching LPFK to any PS/2 in the UK.

Attach 6094-020 to PS/2

Attachment Cable:
39F8228 / 6247461 [PC-PS/2 Attach (9)] ; connect LPFK to Serial port
39F8229 / 6247460 [PC-PS/2 Attach (25)] ; connect LPFK to Dual Async Adapter ???

Note: Dual Async has two DB9 ports.

8-position mini-DIN connector

Graphics Input Adapter MCA card (Type 6-1, FRU 22F9758)

1Signal return (ground)
2DC return (ground)
3+5 Vdc
4Selective reset to device
5RX data from device
6TX data to device
7Diagnostic selective reset from device

Note: Treat this as unconfirmed. You have been warned.

10 Pin MODU Pinout

My guess... The RS/6000 pinout used common RS-232 lines. So we need to compare the Graphics Input Device Adapter (Type 6-1) port to the 10 pin MODU port... If we had a MODU to Mini DIN8 cable...

#4060 39F8228 LPFK, Dials or Tablets Serial Cable (6ft) Cable-HH
#4061 39F8302 LPFK, Dials or Tablets Power Cable (6ft) Cable-JJ

PFK 6094-020 and Dials 6094-010 on ports S1 and S2

Cable-B Adapter Modu-to-DB25 S1/S2

And this gets us nowhere. We need the "HH" cable pinout.

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