IBM PS/2 (Model 30-286) - Technical Specifications

IBM Personal System/2 Model 30-286

General information
Machine type: 8530
Announce date: September, 1988

Excerpt from the original announcement letter;

"The IBM Personal System/2 Model 30 286 (IBM 8530-E21) is a new entry level 80286 version of the Model 30. It combines existing Model 30 function along with improved processor performance, 1.44MB diskette drive capacity and VGA graphics. The Model 30 286 utilizes the Intel 80286 processor and operates at 10MHz with one wait state to system memory. The IBM Personal System/2 Model 30 286 (IBM 8530-E01) is a single diskette drive, without a fixed disk drive, version of the Model 30 286. An optional 3.5-inch 20MB fixed disk drive feature (P/N 27F4969) is available".

System characteristics
Microprocessor: Intel 80286 (16 bit)
Clock speed: 10 MHz, one wait state
Coprocessor: socket for optional i80287 math coprocessor
Type of BUS: 16-bit
Total number of expansion slots: 3
Ports: PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, serial, parallel, video

Min/Max on system board: 512kb (expandable to 1,2,or 4MB)
Type of memory:
RAM: DRAM (PS/2 30-pin SIMM) 100-150ns w. parity.
ROM: 128kb w. MS BASIC-80
Cache: n/a

Physical description
Power supply: 90w, 110-220VAC switchable
Weight: 8.6 kg (19 lbs)
Dimensions (HxWxD): (102 x 406 x 397mm)

Mass storage
Drive bays: 2 3.5" half-height
Floppy Disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: 1.44MB
Hard disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: Optional 20MB 80ms, 30MB 39ms, or 45MB
Access time:
Interface: ST-506 PS/2 model 25/30 connector

Display type: Optional Analog CRT
Graphics modes supported: Integrated VGA Display adapter

Type: 101 key enhanced

Operating system: IBM PC DOS Versions 3.30, PC DOS 4.0, OS/2 SE 1.1, OS/2 EE 1.1

Various memory, diskette drive, hard drive, monitor, and keyboard configurations including;
8530-E01 - System unit 512kb, one diskette drives, keyboard.
8530-E21 - System unit 512kb, one diskette drive, one 20MB fixed disk, keyboard.

Personal System/2 80287 Math Co-Processor
Personal System/2 Speech Adapter (#1501216)
PC Network Adapter II (#1501220)
PC Network Baseband Adapter (#1501221)
IBM 2MB Expanded Memory Adapter (#2685193)
Personal System/2 Display Adapter (#1887744)
General Purpose Interface Bus Cable (#63X4882)
PC Network Baseband Extender (#6134339)
InfoWindow Enhanced Graphics Adapter (#56X2412)
IBM Token-Ring Network PC Adapter Diskette (3.5 inch) (#67X0410)
Personal System/2 5.25 Inch External Diskette Drive Adapter
Personal System/2 Mouse (#6450350)
IBM 3363 Optical Disk Drive (#63X4131, 63X4166)
IBM Proprinter (#87X9787)
Personal System/2 5.25 Inch External Diskette Drive (#4869001)
IBM Quietwriter(R) III Printer (#1318200)
Personal System/2 Data Migration Facility (#1501224)
Plus many more IBM and 3rd party adapter cards...

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