AZ-COM Universal MC Extender 16V

"UME16V" aka "MC16EE"

MC 16V Electronic Extender Datasheet

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EE Software Control (Status Register and Control Registers)

General Description
Universal MC Extender 16V

General Description

Universal MC Extender 16V (UME16V) is a device designed to enhance the process of testing and developing Micro Channel Bus products. With the UME16V, you can disconnect the power and bus signals from the top connector and safely insert or remove tested cards with the PC power turned on. This not only saves time, but also protects the components of the PC from damage that results from constant Power On - Power Off cycling.

Overcurrent Sensing Circuitry that detects excessive current consumption and protects PC power lines by automatically disconnecting the tested card if overcurrent is detected. You can change the sensing threshold by simply changing the current sensing resistors.

Simple to use optional software interface capabilities with 7 I/O addresses available. Free POS register initialization program is included. The demo program can be downloaded from our FTP Page (see menu bar below).

Four LED's, one indicates whether the power to the top connector is on or off, the other three indicate an overcurrent condition and help detect faulty cards. An overcurrent condition can also be tested by reading the status register.

Bus switches installed in sockets for easy replacement if damaged by faulty tested cards.

Breadboard area with all crucial signals available on the board.

Ability to connect external power to the top connector to test cards under various power supply voltages.


Maximum Current: +5V is 4A. All others are 2A.
LED Indicators: Power On (1) and Overcurrent (3).
Overcurrent Settings: Factory settings - 2A on +5V, 0.25A on +12V, and 0.25A on -12V.
Bus Switches: 25 Ohm maximum, 35pF maximum at 0V/25 C.
Signal's Direction: All signals except for the RESET signal are connected to the PC Bus via a bi-directional analog switch. The RESET signal is uni-directional from the PC Bus into the top connector.

Universal MC Extender 16V "UME16V" aka "MC16EE", P/N 9900-02-10 [P]

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