Memory Expansion Adapters

Technology Primer: PS/2 Memory (by Tam Thi Pham)
Identify SIMMs (Presence Detect and Chip Configuration)
Memory Reference (FRUs, OEM modules...)
Error Handling (Parity, ECC-P, ECC)
PS/2 Memory Errata
Memory Error Codes (Models 56/57, 76/77, 85 & 90/95)

Modifying Memory Modules (by Peter Wendt)
Modifying other Memory Modules for PS/2
Modifying Memory Modules - Reports

Modifying 30-pin Modules for IBM SCSI /w Cache

Memory Module Pinouts
Model 80 Planar Memory

Dual Path / Dual Bus Memory

Memory Chip Conversion Chart (between different manufacturers)
Memory Technology Explained (DRAM, SRAM, VRAM, read/write cycles, etc.)
System Firmware Flash Memory (late PS/2s only)
Serial EEPROM (late PS/2s only)

QEMM5060 QEMM 50-60 for memory expansion adapters
HIMEMUPD.EXE Use if you can't see >16 MB under W95

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