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ServerGuide 2.00 INF files
ServerGuide 2.50 INF files
ServerGuide 3.01 INF files
IBM PC Assistant 108th Edition
IBM PC Assistant 118th Edition
EPRM - Electronic Pocket Reference Manual
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ServerGuide 2.00 INF files

500uhus.infPC Server 500 User's Handbook09/08/94668,807(view)
500urus.infPC Server 500 User's Reference09/08/94224,699(view)
77ious.infPS/2 77 Installing Options08/08/94445,461(view)
77spus.infPS/2 56, 57, 76, and 77 Solving Problems07/13/94117,049(view)
77suus.infPS/2 77i and 77s Setup07/13/9471,699(view)
77uhus.infPS/2 76i, 76s, 77i and 77s User's Handbook08/08/94475,280(view)
85ious.infPS/2 Server 85 Installing Options08/05/94440,155(view)
85suus.infPS/2 Server 85 Setup07/13/9451,615(view)
85uhus.infPS/2 Server 85 Handbook08/08/94412,224(view)
95acdaus.infConfiguring Your Disk Array07/12/94127,717(view)
95aious.infPS/2 Server 95 A Installing Options08/08/94615,096(view)
95asuus.infPS/2 Server 95A Setup07/13/9437,697(view)
95auhus.infPS/2 Server 95 A (9595) Handbook09/08/94346,623(view)
95ious.infPS/2 Server 95 Installing Options08/05/94552,771(view)
95suus.infPS/2 Server 95 Setup07/13/9444,211(view)
95uhus.infPS/2 Server 95 Handbook08/08/94395,356(view)
Ipbus.infPS/2 Installation Planning and Beyond07/13/94277,501(view)
Netsvcus.infIBM NetFinity Services for NetWare09/13/9447,700(view)
Nmgrwnus.infIBM NetFinity Manager for Windows09/13/94505,946(view)
Novligus.infNetWare Integration Guide09/08/94386,121(view)
Os2ligus.infOS/2 LAN Server Integration Guide09/08/94491,876(view)
Os2mgrus.infIBM NetFinity Manager for OS/209/13/94547,649(view)
Os2svcus.infIBM NetFinity Services for OS/209/13/94133,952(view)
Rbk1us.infAdvanced PS/2 Servers Planning and Selection08/19/94683,531(view)
Rbklstus.infBibliography of Redbooks08/17/94555,531(view)
Sermcrus.infPS/2 Micro Channel Computer Reference07/13/94332,845(view)
Serspus.infPS/2 Server 85, 95, 95A Solving Problems07/13/9494,841(view)
Winsvcus.infIBM NetFinity Services for Windows09/13/94134,191(view)

Download all ServerGuide 2.00 INFs in one archive HERE.

ServerGuide 2.50 INF files (from Wolf)

300trus.infPC Server 300 Technical Reference [!]09/02/95137,552(view)
310iuhus.infPC Server 310 User's Handbook for PCI/ISA10/10/95532,813(view)
310muhus.infPC Server 310 User's Handbook10/10/95600,872(view)
310urus.infPC Server 310 User's Reference03/10/95186,087(view)
320msuus.infPC Server 32013/06/9569,840(view)
320muhus.infPC Server 320 User's Handbook02/02/96661,993(view)
320murus.infPC Server 320 User's Reference14/06/95219,043(view)
320suus.infPC Server 32019/05/9569,331(view)
320uhus.infPC Server 320 User's Handbook for PCI/EISA02/02/96618,100(view)
320urus.infPC Server 320 User's Reference31/01/96238,444(view)
500uhus.infPC Server 500 User's Handbook04/11/94624,338(view)
500urus.infPC Server 500 User's Reference08/09/94224,699(view)
520euhus.infPC Server 520 User's Handbook for PCI/EISA01/02/96668,795(view)
520muhus.infPC Server 520 User's Handbook01/02/96858,228(view)
520urus.infPC Server 520 User's Reference18/09/95219,113(view)
720suus.infPC Server 720 Setup15/06/9592,032(view)
720uhus.infPC Server 720 User's Handbook31/07/95792,278(view)
720urus.infPC Server 720 User's Reference13/06/95214,232(view)
7677fin.infPS/2 76i, 76s, 77i and 77s Technical Reference (old)12/12/94130,932(view)
7677trus.infPS/2 76i, 76s, 77i and 77s Technical Reference [!]13/02/95134,422(view)
77ious.infPS/2 77 Installing Options08/08/94445,461(view)
77spus.infPS/2 56, 57, 76, and 77 Solving Problems13/07/94117,049(view)
77suus.infPS/2 77i and 77s Setup13/07/9471,699(view)
77uhus.infPS/2 76i, 76s, 77i and 77s User's Handbook08/08/94475,280(view)
85ious.infPS/2 Server 85 Installing Options05/08/94440,155(view)
85suus.infPS/2 Server 85 Setup13/07/9451,615(view)
85trus.infPS/2 Server 85 Technical Reference [!]09/02/95184,661(view)
85uhus.infPS/2 Server 85 Handbook08/08/94412,224(view)
9595fin.infServers 95 and 95A Technical Reference (old)12/12/94176,296(view)
95acdaus.infConfiguring Your Disk Array12/07/94127,717(view)
95aious.infPS/2 Server 95 A Installing Options08/08/94615,096(view)
95asuus.infPS/2 Server 95A Setup13/07/9437,697(view)
95auhus.infPS/2 Server 95 A (9595) Handbook08/09/94346,623(view)
95ious.infPS/2 Server 95 Installing Options05/08/94552,771(view)
95susus.infPS/2 95 and 95 Setup Supplement04/11/9444,224(view)
95suus.infPS/2 Server 95 Setup13/07/9444,211(view)
95trus.infServers 95 and 95A Technical Reference [!]13/02/95175,597(view)
95uhus.infPS/2 Server 95 Handbook08/08/94395,356(view)
ipbus.infPS/2 Installation Planning and Beyond13/07/94277,501(view)
netsvcus.infIBM NetFinity Services for NetWare01/06/9552,300(view)
nmgrwnus.infIBM NetFinity Manager for Windows15/06/95681,623(view)
novligus.infNetWare Integration Guide13/10/95653,004(view)
os2ligus.infOS/2 LAN Server Integration Guide13/10/95648,663(view)
os2mgrus.infIBM NetFinity Manager for OS/226/06/95826,407(view)
os2svcus.infIBM NetFinity Services for OS/226/06/95157,576(view)
pcsrvfin.infPC Server 300 Technical Reference (old)12/12/94138,144(view)
rbk1us.infAdvanced PS/2 Servers Planning and Selection19/08/94683,531(view)
rbklstus.infBibliography of Redbooks17/08/94555,531(view)
sermcrus.infPS/2 Micro Channel Computer Reference13/07/94332,845(view)
serspus.infPS/2 Server 85, 95, 95A Solving Problems13/07/9494,841(view)
srv85fin.infPS/2 Server 85 Technical Reference (old)12/12/94184,275(view)
winligus.infPC Server and Windows NT Integration Guide01/02/96638,459(view)
winmgrus.infIBM NetFinity Manager for Windows19/09/95682,298(view)
winsvcus.infIBM NetFinity Services for Windows19/09/95149,779(view)

Download all ServerGuide 2.50 INFs in one archive HERE.

ServerGuide 3.01 INF files (from Tim)


310I2HEN.INFPC Server 310 User's Handbook16/09/96498,599(view)
310I2REN.INFPC Server 310 User's Reference12/09/96182,691(view)
310IUHEN.INFPC Server 310 User's Handbook for PCI/ISA10/10/95532,813(view)
310MUHEN.INFPC Server 310 User's Handbook10/10/95600,872(view)
310UREN.INFPC Server 310 User's Reference03/10/95186,087(view)
320MUHEN.INFPC Server 320 User's Handbook02/02/96661,993(view)
320UHEN.INFPC Server 320 User's Handbook for PCI/EISA16/09/96617,265(view)
320UREN.INFPC Server 320 User's Reference31/01/96238,444(view)
325EUHEN.INFPC Server 325 User's Handbook23/09/96574,630(view)
325EUREN.INFPC Server 325 User's Reference13/09/96211,634(view)
330EUHEN.INFPC Server 330 User's Handbook23/09/96717,424(view)
330EUREN.INFPC Server 330 User's Reference13/09/96240,658(view)
500UHEN.INFPC Server 500 User's Handbook04/11/94624,338(view)
500UREN.INFPC Server 500 User's Reference08/09/94224,699(view)
520EUHEN.INFPC Server 520 User's Handbook13/09/96767,262(view)
520MUHEN.INFPC Server 520 User's Handbook01/02/96858,228(view)
520UREN.INFPC Server 520 User's Reference18/09/95219,113(view)
704E2HEN.INFPC Server 704 User's Handbook16/09/96518,664(view)
704E2REN.INFPC Server 704 User's Reference12/09/96202,399(view)
720SUEN.INFPC Server 720 Setup15/06/9592,032(view)
720UHEN.INFPC Server 720 User's Handbook31/07/95792,278(view)
720UREN.INFPC Server 720 User's Reference13/06/95214,232(view)
NETSVCEN.INFTME 10 NetFinity Services for NetWare01/05/9639,525(view)
NOVLIGEN.INFNovell NetWare Integration Guide12/09/96847,569(view)
OWMGREN.INFTME 10 NetFinity Manager01/05/962,034,587(view)
OWSVCEN.INFTME 10 NetFinity Services01/05/96430,471(view)
SSGEN.INFIBM PC Server Selection Guide12/09/96375,299(view)
WINLIGEN.INFPC Server and Windows NT Integration Guide12/09/96620,040(view)


320MUHDE.INFPC Server 320 User's Handbook02/02/96661,993(view)
320UHDE.INFPC Server 320 User's Handbook for PCI/EISA02/02/96618,100(view)
320URDE.INFPC Server 320 User's Reference31/01/96238,444(view)
500UHDE.INFPC Server 500 Benutzerhandbuch01/12/94786,740(view)
500URDE.INFPC Server 500 Referenzhandbuch19/09/94282,485(view)
520MUHDE.INFPC Server 520 User's Handbook23/04/96807,524(view)
520URDE.INFPC Server 520 User's Reference23/04/96234,217(view)
720SUDE.INFPC Server 720 Installation23/08/9599,805(view)
720UHDE.INFIBM PC Server 720 Benutzerhandbuch23/08/95880,906(view)
720URDE.INFPC Server 720 Referenzhandbuch23/08/95269,303(view)


320MUHES.INFPC Server 320 User's Handbook02/02/96661,993(view)
320UHES.INFPC Server 320 User's Handbook for PCI/EISA02/02/96618,100(view)
320URES.INFPC Server 320 User's Reference31/01/96238,444(view)
500UHES.INFPC Server 500 Manual del usuario12/12/94710,645(view)
500URES.INFPC Server 500 Consulta del usuario19/09/94292,966(view)
520MUHES.INFPC Server 520 User's Handbook23/04/96807,524(view)
520URES.INFPC Server 520 User's Reference23/04/96234,217(view)
720SUES.INFPC Server 720 InstalaciĆ³n21/08/95108,899(view)
720UHES.INFPC Server 720 Manual del usuario10/08/95776,227(view)
720URES.INFPC Server 720 Manual de consulta del usuario04/08/95246,791(view)


320MUHFR.INFPC Server 320 User's Handbook02/02/96661,993(view)
320UHFR.INFPC Server 320 User's Handbook for PCI/EISA02/02/96618,100(view)
320URFR.INFPC Server 320 User's Reference31/01/96238,444(view)
500UHFR.INFPC Server 500 - Guide de l'utilisateur06/12/94779,516(view)
500URFR.INFPC Server 500 User's Reference08/09/94224,699(view)
520MUHFR.INFPC Server 520 User's Handbook23/04/96807,524(view)
520URFR.INFPC Server 520 User's Reference23/04/96234,217(view)

Download all ServerGuide 3.01 INFs in one archive HERE.

IBM PC Assistant 108th Edition [14 Aug 95] (from IBM Technical Connection October 1995)

PS1A_OS.INFIBM OS Assistant14/04/951,854,911(view)
PS2A_GEN.INFIBM General Info Assistant14/04/95187,948(view)
PS2A_MKT.INFIBM PC Marketing Assistant14/04/951,084,592(view)
PS2A_SVC.INFIBM PC Service Assistant14/04/95406,094(view)
PS3A_CON.INFIBM Consumer PC Assistant14/04/95205,540(view)
PS3A_OPT.INFIBM PC Options Assistant14/04/95312,828(view)
PS3A_PC.INFIBM PC Series Assistant14/04/95230,095(view)
PS3A_PS2.INFIBM PS/2 Assistant14/04/95903,207(view)
PS3A_SRV.INFIBM PC Server Assistant14/04/95296,609(view)
PS3A_TP.INFIBM ThinkPad Assistant14/04/95380,851(view)
PS3A_VP.INFIBM ValuePoint Assistant14/04/95357,016(view)

Download all IBM PC Assistant 108th Ed. INFs in one archive HERE.

IBM PC Assistant 118th Edition [28 Jun 96]

asst-con.INFIBM Consumer PC Assistant28/06/95541,623(view)
asst-gen.INFIBM General Info Assistant28/06/95404,612(view)
asst-mkt.INFIBM PC Marketing Assistant28/06/951,081,870(view)
asst-opt.INFIBM PC Options Assistant28/06/95428,120(view)
asst-os.INFIBM OS Assistant28/06/952,210,484(view)
asst-pc.INFIBM PC Series Assistant28/06/95802,035(view)
asst-ps2.INFIBM PS/2 Assistant28/06/951,058,263(view)
asst-srv.INFIBM PC Server Assistant28/06/95705,849(view)
asst-svc.INFIBM PC Service Assistant28/06/95429,504(view)
asst-tp.INFIBM ThinkPad Assistant28/06/95718,953(view)
asst-ttl.INFIBM PC Assistant Series06/05/95919(view)
asst-vp.INFIBM ValuePoint Assistant28/06/95638,180(view)

Download all IBM PC Assistant 118th Ed. INFs in one archive HERE.
Original ZIPs, double-packed HERE.

EPRM - Electronic Pocket Reference Manual [Oct 2000/Rel. 4] (from Tim)

EPR2A.INFIBM - ThinkPad - EPRM 25xx, 26xx and 95xx1,441,329(view)
EPR2B.INFIBM - ThinkPad EPRM 2523/24-2625-3547-26401,448,766(view)
EPR2C.INFIBM - ThinkPad EPRM 2625, 2635, 9546-95471,281,445(view)
EPR2D.INFIBM ThinkPad - EPRM 365x Additional-Info1,263,374(view)
EPR2E.INFIBM ThinkPad - EPRM 2635, 2645, 26461,234,799(view)
EPR2F.INFIBM - ThinkPad - EPRM 25xx, 26xx and 95xx1,371,193(view)
EPR2G.INFIBM - ThinkPad - EPRM 26xx1,387,775(view)
EPR3A.INFPC Servers EPRM / Vol-21,456,526(view)
EPR3B.INFIBM PC Servers EPRM / Vol-3 1,358,113(view)
EPR3C.INFIBM Servers - Hardware Maintenance Manual1,357,745(view)
EPR3D.INFIBM Servers - Hardware Maintenance Manual1,326,924(view)
EPR3E.INFIBM Servers - Hardware Maintenance Manual1,382,865(view)
EPR3F.INFIBM Server - Hardware Maintenance Manual1,383,054(view)
EPRADF0.INFIBM MC-Adapter - ADF-Files - 0000-6FFF917,947(view)
EPRADF1.INFIBM MC-Adapter - ADF-Files - 7000-FFFF685,105(view)
EPRM.INFIBM PS/VP/PC - Electr. Pocket Reference Manual1,453,634(view)
EPRM0.INFIBM - PS/x VP PC - OPTION's EPRM1,297,543(view)
EPRM1.INFIBM - POWER Series 60xx - EPRM96,577(view)
EPRM2.INFIBM - ThinkPad - EPRM1,446,310(view)
EPRM3.INFIBM - PC Servers EPRM - Vol-11,456,908(view)
EPRM4.INFIBM Networking Control Units - 82xx642,609(view)
EPRM5.INFIBM Display Units429,271(view)
EPRMA.INFIBM 2136/37/40/42/61 SL-A,6x88,6898-99,6272-821,419,163(view)
EPRMB.INFInt./Ext.-Connectors - P/N Matrix Tables1,371,716(view)
EPRMW.INFIBM-BBS - library,900,572(view)
EPRMX.INFIBM - HINTS / TIPs / Misc.-Important1,433,356(view)
EPRXA.INFIBM - HINTS / TIPs / Misc.-Important1,332,345(view)

Download all EPRM INFs in one archive HERE.

Other Documents

PSINFO.INFPSINFO v5.0029/03/94356,160(view)
PSINFO.INFPSINFO v5.03 (IBM Internal/Dealer version)03/06/94527,746(view)
PSINFO.INFPSINFO v5.06 (IBM Internal/Dealer version)17/10/94624,151(view)

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