Digi MC/8e RS-232

@6FE7.ADF Digi MC/2e, MC/4e, and MC/8e Multiport Ser.

Identifying Older Digi Product By Serial Number
90029100B.pdf Manual for 64K, full length Xe (and Xi) adapters
90028800B.pdf  Manual for 8K/64K "VE" series of Xe adapters.
90030300C.pdf  Manual for 8K "GG" series of XE adapters.
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Digi MC/8e RS-232

P1 DB78
U6 25.000 MHz osc
U7 N80C186XL12
U11,12,26,27 Zilog Z0853008VSC
U18 7.3728 MHz osc
U43,62 M5M5256CFP-70LL

AdapterID 6FE7 Digi MC/2e, /4e, and /8e Multiport Serial Cards

Memory Start Address
   8 Kbyte (2000h) or 64Kbyte (8000h) memory block with the starting address under 1 Meg where the Digi MC/Xe will reside in the host's memory map
     <"0C0000h - 8K Window" (c000-c1ff)>, 0C2000h (c200-c3ff), 0C4000h (c400-c5ff), 0C6000h (c600-c7ff), 0C8000h (c800-c9ff), 0CA000h (ca00-cbff), 0CC000h (cc00-cdfff), 0CE000h (ce00-cfff), 0D0000h (d000-d1ff), 0D2000h (d200-d3ff), 0D4000h  (d400-d5ff), 0D6000h (d600-d7ff), 0D8000h (d800-d9ff), 0DA000h (da00-dbff), 0DC000h (dc00-ddff), 0DE000h (de00-dfff)
     <"F80000h - 64K Window" (f8000-f8fff)>, FC0000h (fc000-fcfff), FA0000h (fa000-fafff)

I/O PORT Address
    I/O locations where MC/Xe Host Control Registers reside in the host I/O map. Available choices are:  0118h, 0128h, 0208h, 0228h, 0308h, 0328h, or I/O Ports Disabled. The MC/Xe Control Registers take up 4 bytes.
   <"208h" (0208h-020b)>, 228h (0228h-022b), 308h (0308h-030b), 328h (0328h-032b), 108h (0108h-010b), 118h (0118h-011b), 128h (0128h-012b), Disabled

Interrupt Vectors
   IRQ Lines on which the Digi MC/Xe will interrupt the host
   < "Disabled">, 10, 11, 15, 3, 5,7

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