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These files were retrieved off of the archived Reply website on 26 Feb 2017.

BIOS Update Files

111-56.EXEModel 56/57/76/77 PowerBoard BIOS v1.11
117-PB.EXEModel 50/55/70 PowerBoard BIOS v1.17
109-30.EXEModel 25/30 TurboProcessor BIOS v1.09
102-30.EXEModel 25/30 PowerBoard BIOS v1.02
119-70.EXEModel 70 32-bit TurboProcessor BIOS v1.19
131-80.EXEModel 60/65/80 TurboProcessor BIOS v1.31
140-50.EXEModel 50/55/70 16-bit TurboProcessor BIOS v1.40
225-32.EXEModel 32 System BIOS v2.25 (Reply system)
T226.DATModel 32 System with DX4/100 BIOS v2.26 (Reply system)
108CPQ.EXECompaq Deskpro PowerBoard BIOS v1.08 (Compaq system)

Beta BIOS Files

Note: All files available in this library are beta BIOS files. They have not been fully tested, but we have not seen any problems.

124-70.EXEBeta Model 70 32-bit TurboProcessor BIOS v1.24
138-80.EXEBeta Model 60/65/80 TurboProcessor BIOS v1.38
114-30.EXEBeta Model 25/30 TurboProcessor BIOS v1.14

Reference Disk Images

REF346.EXETurboBoard Reference Diskette v3.46 - last official version
REF367.EXEPowerBoard Reference Diskette v3.67 - last official version
REF369.ZIPPowerBoard Reference Diskette v3.69
71G1447.IMGIBM PS/2 50/50Z/55 System Board Upgrade Ref Disk v1.01

User Diagnostic Disk Images

DIAG1_02.EXEUser Diags Model 25/30 TurboProcessor v1.02
DG108720.EXEUser Diags Model 25/30 PowerBoard v1.08 (720KB)
DG108144.EXEUser Diags Pentathlon Boards v1.08 (1.44MB) (???)
DIAG1_05.EXEUser Diags Compaq Deskpro PowerBoard v1.05 (Compaq system)

ADF Files

@6094.ADFReply System 16/32 IDE
@8182.ADFReply MicroChannel Video Adapter
@5137.ADFReply MicroChannel Sound Card with SCSI
@5138.ADFReply MicroChannel Sound Card without SCSI
@8FEB.ADFWindsurfer Card when Video Card is present

System Compatibility File Library

WARPFIX.EXEFloppy Driver Fix for IBM OS/2 Warp 3 (needs new BIOS!)
This patches the ibm2flpy.add device driver.
NOV_IDE.EXENetWare IDE Driver for MCA SystemBoard Upgrades
Load AT IDE driver, then SCSI driver, then everything works
NT_IDE.EXEWinNT 3.1 + IDE Driver for MCA SystemBoard Upgrades
NTVIDFIX.EXECIrrus Logic Video Driver Fix for WinNT 3.5x
SBPDMA.EXESoundBlaster MCA Driver for MCA SystemBoard Upgrades
XLOAD.ZIPNetWare XLOADER Patch for PS/2 keyboards
LSUP135.EXELAN Support Drivers (12/15/93) v1.35
DOSUP9.EXENovell DOS Drivers
CPUMHZ.EXEReply Corporation CPU Detect Utility (type/clock, DX4 upg. benefit)
BI.EXEUtility to enable/disable parallel port bi-directionally
IDEDISK.DSKNetWare IDE Driver for Compaq Deskpro PowerBoard (Compaq system)

Video Driver File Library

1_32DSK1.EXEVideo Driver for 50/55/60/70/80 TurboProcessor Boards - OS/2 2.0 & 2.1 [1/2]
1_32DSK2.EXEVideo Driver for 50/55/60/70/80 TurboProcessor Boards - OS/2 2.0 & 2.1 [2/2]
1_33DSK1.EXEVideo Driver for 25/30 Boards - Windows 3.1, release 1.30 [1/1]
1_10DSK1.EXEVideo Driver for PowerBoard Systems - OS/2 2.1 [1/2]
1_10DSK2.EXEVideo Driver for PowerBoard Systems - OS/2 2.1 [2/2]
WIN31CT.EXEVideo Driver for Reply Model 16 & New Systems (CHIPS 452 VGA) - Windows 3.1
CLMDUTIL.EXECLMODE Scanrate Utility for Cirrus Logic Display Drivers
71G1442.IMGIBM PS/2 50/50Z/55 Upgrade Board Video Drivers v1.30
71G4598.IMGIBM PS/2 50/50Z/55 Upgrade Board Video Drivers v1.30

Multimedia File Library

MM105C-1.EXEMultimedia Kit Installation Diskette v1.05 [1/2]
MM105C-2.EXEMultimedia Kit Installation Diskette v1.05 [2/2]
Has FDCD and DCAM18XX - supports FD MCS-700, FAICT
WIN95SND.EXESound Blaster 16 Micro Channel Version Drivers
Beta release v4.25 of SB16 drivers - Windows 95

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