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@DFE5.ADF Ultimedia Audio

Content by Ryan Alswede.

Driver Information and Instructions

Welcome to, the website dedicated to the development of the Micro Channel IBM Ultimedia Audio Adapter.

I've written the ADF text file for use in IBM PS/2 Computers, any complaints, let me know ASAP!

*Windows NT drivers - Click on Ultimedia NT Packet button under Downloads to download the most current files. Unzip and follow the read me text file to install.

*IBM AIX - AIX includes the object driver file in AIX 4.2.3 or higher versions. It can be downloaded from IBM or the AIX 4.2.3 CD #1.

Please do not copy or download and repost on other sites. This hurts everybody when new updates come out Links to this site are welcome! Thank You! Special thanks to all my friends in the PS/2 Newsgroup who helped me finish this project.

E-mail me with questions, development issues, dead links and to report bugs.

Ed.: I have retrieved this page via the Internet Archive. I have stripped the images and background from Ryan's pages. Sorry, but that's life. -LFO

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