SMC 8115T/A

@6EC6.ADF "SMC TokenCard Elite/A (8115T/A)"

Drivers & Software
Application Notes
8115T TokenCard Elite/A
ADF Sections

Drivers & Software (source)

token.exe NT 3.5x, W95, WFW, NW ODI, NDIS, and a packet driver v0.24
badf12.exe ADF Config file for 8115/A MCA Adapters
bgt131.exe PC Agent v1.31 SNMP Agent
bnw286.exe Novell 2.X server drivers
bsd400.exe TR Elite Superdisk v4.0
bz122.exe SMC EZSetup utility v1.22
bzu120.exe SMC EZSetup for Unix Config. utility v1.20
nad602.exe Node Address Utility for ISA/EISA/MCA ethernet and token ring adapters

Application Notes

These are examples of configuration files for different environments and protocols.

3020.txt 8115 Artisoft Lantastic
3021.txt 8115 LSP/Rabbit (Lan Wrkstatn)
3022.txt 8115 LSP/Rumba (Stand Alone)
3023.txt 8115 LSP/IBM 3270
3024.txt 8115 LSP/Attachmate Netbios
3025.txt 8115 LSP/Attachmate IPX
3026.txt 8115 LSP v1.3x TokenCard Elite
3027.txt 8115 LSP/Rumba (Lan Wrkstatn)
3028.txt 8115 LSP/ AS400 PC Support
3029.txt 8115 Novell ODINSUP with IBM LAN Support
3030.txt 8115 OS2 Requestor
3031.txt 8115 Netware 386 Srver
3032.txt 8115 IPX
3033.txt 8115 ODI
3034.txt 8115 BWNFS/TCP
3035.txt 8115 OS/2 IBM's TCPIP v2.X
3036.txt 8115 Novell OS/2 Requester w/ IBM's TCP/IP OS/2 2.x
3037.txt 8115 Pathworks Novell Netware/ ODI
3038.txt 8115 IBM Lan Support ODI Drivers

8115T TokenCard Elite/A

SMC 83C825QFB MAC-layer controller features dual RISC processors
SMC 83C584 Bus Interface Controller

SMC’s TokenCard Elite/A adapter is based on our own Token Ring controller and custom bus interface silicon for superior performance.

SMC’s MAC-layer controller features dual RISC processors — one implements Token Ring protocols, and the other transfers data between the adapter and the PC — supporting the transmission of multiple frames per token. SMC’s bus interface employs a shared memory “windowing” architecture that uses 64 KB of on-board memory while occupying only 16 KB of valuable address space. The result is increased data throughput and faster overall performance.

ADF Sections for @6EC6h "SMC TokenCard Elite/A (8115T/A)"

Adapter I/O Space
   This selects the I/O Base Address of the adapter. The adapter requires a space of 32 bytes (20h) beginning at the Base Address
     <I/O Base 0800h>, 1800, 2800, 3800, 4800, 5800, 6800, 7800, 8800, 9800, A800, B800, C800, D800, E800, F800

Shared RAM Base Address
   This selects the shared RAM Base Address of the adapter. The adapter requires a space of 16K bytes (4000h) beginning at the Base Address.
     <0C0000h, Size 16K>, 0C4000, 0C8000, 0CC000, 0D0000, 0D4000, 0D8000, 0DC000, FC0000, FC8000, FD0000, FD8000

BIOS ROM Base Address
   This selects the Boot ROM Base Address. Select <Disabled> if a Boot ROM is not installed. Select a Base Address if a Boot ROM is installed. The Boot ROM requires a space of 16K bytes (4000h) beginning at the Base Address
     <Disabled>, C0000h, C4000h, C8000h, CC000h, D0000h, D4000h, D8000h, DC000h

Boot ROM Protocol
   This selects which protocol the boot PROM will use
     <Netware>, RPL

Interrupt (IRQ) Level
   This selects the interrupt (IRQ) level for this adapter. The adapter must have a unique interrupt level that is not shared with any other adapter
     <Level 3>, 4, 10, 15

Cable Type
   This selects the type of cable that is connected to the adapter
     <Shielded Twisted Pair>, Unshielded Twisted Pair

Adapter Operating Speed
  This selects the data rate at which the adapter will operate
     <4 Mbps>, 16 Mbps

Early Token Release
   This selects whether the adapter supports Early Token Release
     <Disabled>, Enabled

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