SK-NET MC2/MC2+ Adapters

@6AFD.ADF SK-NET MC2+ Ethernet Adapter/G (Rev. 2.2)
@6AFD.ADF SKNET Ethernet Adapter/G (Rev. 1.1) (rename to @6afd.adf) SK-NET G8, G16, G16/TP, MC2, MC2+ Installation Disk (thanks Wolf!)

SK-NET MC2 Linux Driver by Alfred Arnold
SysKonnect Driver Page (archived)

SK-NET MC2+ Adapter (SK-3280)? "SK GS 8803/1.1" [P]

DC/DC Reliability 2VP12U9 LAN-PAC
J1 MCA card edge
J2 DB15 AUI connector
J3 BNC connector
TR1 UT 12102 transformer (DTX)
TR2 UT 12102? transformer (BNC)
U?1 AMD Am7996PC Xceiver
U3 AMD Am7990PC/80 LANCE
U12,13 TC5565AFL-12 8Kx8 SRAM
U16 40.000 MHz osc
U17 SK ? (MCA iface?)
U22 Boot ROM socket

The U?1, U?2, and DC/DC IDs are made up because they were obscured on the source photo.

AMD Am7990 Ethernet/Cheapernet Family - Reference Guide (Aug 1986)

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