Novell NetWare NE/2 NIC

@7154.ADF NetWare NE/2 NIC

NetWare NE/2 NIC Board 738-154-001, Assy. 810-154-001 [P] [P] (photos by Alexandros Paterakis)

J2 AUI connector
J3? BNC connector
U1,2 CY7C186-55PC 8Kx8 SRAM
U18 20 MHz osc
U25 Valor PM7002? 5V to -9V DC converter
U31 Valor LT-6003 transformer
U33 27C64 817-313 RPL ROM socket
W8-1 3x8-pin jumper block (AUI/BNC?)

The rest of the board is populated with 74xx logic and PALs. No ASICs.

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