Dual EtherStreamer MC 32

"Dual Dunes"?

@8FAB.ADF IBM Dual EtherStreamer MC32 Adapter

ZG94-0339 IBM Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 Adapter (HTML)

e2ri8000.boo Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 Installation and Testing Instructions

ETMDES.EXE Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 Adapt/Diag Disk v2.0 (zipped image) (readme)
strflash.exe Flash microcode disk for EtherStreamer MC 32 (Caution with Server 520s!)
strlog.exe Streamer log utility for EtherStreamer MC 32
strndis3.exe NDIS3 drivers for MS WfW/95/NT 3.51 for EtherStreamer MC 32 (readme)
strs720.exe Driver support for Server 720 for EtherStreamer MC 32

Streamers - General Information

Dual EtherStreamer MC 32
Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 Early
Microcode Levels
Known Problems

Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 "Dual Dunes"?, FRU P/N 73G7141, P/N 73G7122(A) [P] [P]

Two EtherStreamers on the same PCB. Similar to the Dual LANStreamer.

P1 MCA card edge
P2 RJ-45 Eth. "Port B"?
P3 RJ-45 Eth. "Port A"?
T4,14 Valor SF1012
U17,106 73G7133 microcode flash
U26,51 73G2692 MPC
U30,60 63G9811 MCA interface
U36,42 AMD 73G1638 PLD
U37,52 NS DPADP10 Eth. front end
U54,56 Valor ST4129
U57 74F08 (detail)
Y1 40.0000 MHz osc (MCA BM & Eth.)

U26,51 73G2692 MPC (Multi-Protocol Chip) contains a Token Ring and Ethernet MAC.

U30,60 63G9811 MCA bus master interface chip "Maunakea".

U13,50 (back) Cypress 31F2259 CS4226 or Toshiba T2259 (MCM6265CJ15 compatible?) 8Kx9 SRAM

Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 Early "Dual Dunes"?, FRU P/N 73G7141, P/N 73G7122(A) [P] [P]

Same as the newer revision above except the PCB doesn't have a provision for the 74F08 Quad-AND (U57). Instead the IC (EC) is glued to the board upside down ("dead bug"). It's wired to the DPADP10 front end chips and 73G2692 Multi-Protocol chips. A similar rework can be found on early ES 32 adapters.

Detail of the Rework (from David Beem)

Microcode Levels

For microcode levels and changes go HERE.

Known Problems

Slot 8 Incompatibility in 8595 and 9595 (SF2223)

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