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@8FA2.ADF IBM Auto LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter Auto LANStreamer MC 32 Installation & Testing

TRMALS2.EXE Option/Diag/NDIS3 Disk v2.01 (zipped image) (readme)
TRMALS1.EXE Driver Diskette OS/2, NT, WfW, W95 (readme)
NDIS34.EXE NDIS 3.1/4.0 Win95/NT STREAMER version 5.23 (Latest)
TRPALS4.EXE WfW/95/NT NDIS3 Drivers For IBM Streamer Family
STRFLASH.EXE Updated FULL DUPLEX microcode Level D0
STRS720.EXE Streamer Adapter usage in IBM PC Server 720 Auto and Dual LS
STRLOG.EXE Streamer Log Utility Auto and Dual LS, Auto and Dual ES
WWDU.BIN LanStreamer SCO Unix drivers for ALS, LS, and EtherStreamers (readme)

Streamers - General Information

Auto LANStreamer 32
Auto Streamer Prototypes
Known Problems
Split Bus Compatibility
LANStreamer Microcode Levels
Meaning of LEDs
ADF Sections

Auto LANStreamer MC 32 "Wildwood", FRU P/N 60G1593 or 86H2123 [P] [P]  [P] [P]

60G1593 uses the 63G9811 / 73G2692 pair
86H2123 RS/6000 "8-S" uses the 03H6300 / 38H6302 pair.

DS1 Status LEDs
P2 RJ-45 port
P4 Pads for Eth. AUI port
U13 MCM6265CJ15 8Kx9 SRAM
U16 63G9811 or 03H6300 MCA BM
U17 Microcode flash
U26 73G2692 or 38H6302 MPC
U36 73G1638 PAL
U37 50G7028 TR front end
U38 pads for Eth front end
Y1 40.0000 MHz osc (MCA BM)
Y2 pads for 20 MHz osc (Eth)
Y3 32.0000 MHz osc (TR)

U16 63G9811 or 03H6300 MCA bus master interface chip "Maunakea".

U26 73G2692 or 38H6302 MPC (Multi-Protocol Chip) contains a Token Ring and Ethernet MAC.

Auto Streamer Prototypes

Adapters of this generation were named after golf courses in North Carolina (all Token-Ring development took place at the Research Triangle Park, Raleigh, NC). Whereas before, they were all named after famous golf courses. The NC ones were Wildwood (MCA), Hillendale (EISA), The Pit (PCI), Lake Royal (VL), Hedingham (ISA TR/Eth).

VL-Bus Auto LANStreamer ("Lake Royal")

This VL-Bus prototype card is based on the original MCA interface chip (U16, 50G8196) and a bunch of FPGAs to adapt it to the VL-Bus. At this point (1993), it was economical to build a quick proto in FPGA then make an ASIC if the market demand was there.

EISA Auto LANStreamer ("Hillendale")

This adapter is based on a different bus interface chip (U16, 63G9239) designed specifically for the EISA bus. This board was production-ready. Notice the unpopulated debug connector and the FRU P/N sticker.

ISA Dual TR/Ethernet Streamer ("Hedingham")

A combo Token Ring and Ethernet LANStreamer adapter for the ISA bus. Note the standard MCA busmaster chip (Maunakea) is onboard, but so is an odd ST "Sample" IC. That was the glue to convert MCA to ISA. Also, note the MPC was manufactured at Toshiba. The HG on the flash chip is likely the code name indicator. This sample is configured as an Ethernet card - there is a 20 MHz clock, not a 32 MHz one. Note that the layout of the card is suboptimal (placement of the MPC), and the design had quite a few issues. High cost being one...

Known Problems

Slot 8 Incompatibility in 8595 and 9595 (SF2223)
Failure to Obtain IP Address Via DHCP on Token Ring w/ SP2 (Q163383)

Split Bus Compatibility

Compatibility problems have been encountered when installing the adapter in a split bus (MC/PCI) system; this resulted in a hardware change on the adapter and several device driver updates. The updated adapter carries a FRU level of 42H2706 or 42H2716 (depending on geography). IBM systems affected are:

             6575-xxx                      8639-Mxx
             6585-xxx                      8640-Mxx
             6876-xxx                      8641-MZx
             6886-xxx                      8641-MDx

LANStreamer Microcode Levels

The microcode has a common base and evolves; therefore, changes are cumulative. Some changes are based on adding new adapters to the Streamer family (adding PCI adapters, multi port adapters). Significant functional changes between levels are as follows.

AC-B3 Fixes to ethernet full duplex operation
B3-B4 Corrected error code 0800 (ICD bus parity error)
B4-C0,C3 Reprioritize frame handling, based on frame types (prevent timeouts in managed nets)
C4-C7 Fix to RIPL
C7-CB Changes how AutoSense works (see note below)
CB-CC Adds TRFDX (token-ring Full Duplex) support - "BETA"
CC-CG Changes to TRFDX, fixes cable sense problem in 'CC', fixes to RPL on PCI adapters
CG-D0 Minor changes for FDX Draft 4 compatibility

Note: To establish compatibility with some speed-detecting hubs (i.e. 3Com and Synoptics) the AUTOSENSE algorithm has been changed. Microcode prior to 'CB' would allow an adapter set to AUTOSENSE, which had a 'saved speed', to be the first to open on a ring; this is no longer the case. It is still recommended that any servers have their adapters set to fixed speeds (16 or 4).

Adapter diagnostic failures, adapter checks, the amber LED on solid, or the adapter being dropped in a managed network are all indications that a microcode upgrade could fix the problem

Meaning of Blinking LEDs (from DEO)

System Starts, Open State Reached

Amber Green Meaning
Blink Blink The adapter is waiting for initialization
Off Off The adapter initialization is in progress or the computer is powered off.
Off Blink No problems detected during self-diagnostic test and is waiting to open.
If this occurs after the adapter is open this means that the adapter has closed.
Off On The adapter is open and operating correctly.

System Starts, Errors Detected

Amber Green Meaning
On Off The adapter self-diagnostic tests failed or there is a problem with the adapter
Blink Off The adapter is closed.  One of the following conditions exists:
- The adapter open failed. 
- The adapter detected a wire fault.
- The adapter failed the auto-removal test.
Blink On The adapter has detected beaconing or a hard error.

AdapterId 8FA2 IBM Auto LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter

Adapter Data Rate
   Data rates: 4 / 16 Mbps.  Autosense (adapter determines rate), 16 Mbps, and 4 Mbps rate.
    <"Autosense">, 16 Mbps, 4 Mbps

Interrupt Level
   If multiple Auto LANStreamer adapters are used, they must all be set to the same interrupt level.
     <"Interrupt  3" >, 2, 10, 11

Adapter I/O Address Range
   MCA I/O address range of the adapter.  For MCA I/O cycles, this adapter is selected when the MCA I/O address is within a 256 byte region. If more than one adapter is used in your computer, each adapter must be assigned a separate I/O address range.
    < "1C00-1CFF">, then more choices than Carter's got liver pills...

Remote Program Load Address Range
   This adapter RPL memory space is relocatable within Micro Channel memory space. The adapter memory space may be located on any 16K boundary from hex 000C 0000 to 000D C000.
    <"Disabled">, C0000-C3FFF, C4000-C7FFF, C8000-CBFFF, CC000-CFFFF, D0000-D3FFF, D4000-D7FFF, D8000-DBFFF, DC000-DFFFF

Streaming Data Select
   This Adapter operates with or without Data Streaming.  For best performance, select <Enabled>.
    < "Enabled">, Disabled

   The adapter will share the bus equitably with other devices or retain control of the bus as needed.
    <"Fairness ON ">, Fairness OFF

Arbitration Level
   If more than one adapter is used, each adapter must be assigned a separate arbitration level.
     <"Level 1">, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E

Parity Enable/Monitor Feedback
    This adapter can both generate and check data and address parity -AND- monitoring slave device's Selected Feedback Return Exception signals during DMA operations
    <"Parity OFF/Monitor OFF">, Par ON /Mon OFF, Par OFF/Mon ON, Par ON /Mon ON

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