3Com 3C629 TokenLink III

@E001.ADF 3Com 3C629 TokenLink III 16/4 16-Bit Micro Channel Network Adapter (rename)
@E001.ADF 3Com 3C629B TokenLink III 16/4 16-Bit MCA Network Adapter (rename)

3c6x9x.exe SFX TokenDisk for Tokenlink III
3c6x9n.exe TokenDisk, TokenLink III w/latest patches and fixes
3c6b9x.exe TokenDisk for 3C6x9B adapters
3c6b9n.exe TokenDisk, TokenLink IIIB w/latest patches and fixes
09-0451-001.pdf 3C629 (Current) TokenLink III Guide

3c629 TokenLink III
   3c629 LEDs
Using RPL
   3CTOKRPL.EXE Make HD non-bootable
ADF Sections

3c629 TokenLink III (original image from Gereon Wenzel)

P1 DE9 port
P2 RJ45 port
U3 32.0000 MHz osc
U4 TR22D49A
U5 Unknown
U6,7 MT5C2889DJ-25

3c629 LEDs

Using Remote Program Load (RPL)

The TokenLink III MCA adapter contains a built-in RPL facility for loading drivers from Novell NetWare, IBM LAN Server, Microsoft LAN Manager, and Banyan VINES. If RPL is enabled on the adapter and on the network server, the system can boot from a server on the token ring network and thereby eliminate the need for local drives or diskettes.
   The RPL on the adapter can be disabled to allow the system to boot from its hard disk. In order to execute the RPL code on the TokenLink III MCA adapter, the hard disk must be made a nonbootable device. The file 3CTOKRPL.EXE is provided on the TokenDisk diskette for this purpose.
   This program deactivates the active DOS partition within the hard disk
without affecting the contents of the hard disk. Refer to your network operating system documentation for instructions on how to create a boot image that loads the token ring driver.


This program allows you to make a bootable fixed disk non-bootable. This allows the RPL(Remote Program Load) module on the Token-Ring adapter to boot from the Server. All the files on the fixed disk will still be accessible as before.

Note: This program will also allow you to make the non-bootable fixed disk bootable again. Just run the program again and it will detect that the fixed disk is non-bootable. It will ask you if you want to make it bootable again. Just answer 'Y' and reboot.
   One more note: It is assumed that the first partition on the fixed disk is the boot partition. If, for some reason, the bootable partition is other than the first one, this program won't disable them.

AdapterID 0E001 3Com 3C629 TokenLink III 16/4 16-Bit Micro Channel Network Adapter

(Ed. 3com claims that the 3c629 is 100% compatible to the IBM TROPIC based NICs, and will run with the ADF AND accept RPL for the IBM TR adapters...)

Adapter Ring Speed
   The TokenLink III can operate at either 4 or 16 Mbps ring speed.  The adapter ring speed MUST match the Token-Ring Network.
  <"4 Mbps">, 16

Primary/Alternate adapter
   Up to two TokenLink III Adapters may be installed in a single computer. When multiple adapters are being installed in a single computer, one adapter MUST be designated as the Primary adapter, which is accessed at port addresses 0A20 through 0A23 and second as the Alternate adapter, which is accessed at port addresses 0A24 through 0A27. If only one adapter is installed, it should be designated as the Primary adapter.
    <"Primary" (0A20h - 0A23h)>,  Alternate(0A24h - 0A27h)

ROM Address Location
   There are 12 possible 8K blocks of PC memory that can be assigned for accessing the ROM area of the TokenLink III.
 <"CC000-CDFFF>, C8000-C9FFF, CA000-CBFFF, CE000-CFFFF, D0000-D1FFF, D2000-D3FFF, D4000-D5FFF, D6000-D7FFF, D8000-D9FFF, DA000-DBFFF, DC000-DDFFF, DE000-DFFFF

RAM Size and Address Range
   There are 30 possible blocks of memory that can be assigned for accessing the RAM located on the TokenLink III. The factory default RAM size and address location for the adapter, which support RAM paging is 16KB/D8000-DBFFF. RAM paging allows the software to access all 64KB of RAM on the adpater one page (16KB) at a time, while using only 16KB of  RAM. 
   <Choice "16 KB / D8000-DBFFF">, 8 KB / C0000-C1FFF, C2000-C3FFF, C4000-C5FFF, C6000-C7FFF, C8000-C9FFF, CA000-CBFFF, CC000-CDFFF, CE000-CFFFF, D0000-D1FFF, D2000-D3FFF, D4000-D5FFF, D6000-D7FFF, D8000-D9FFF, DA000-DBFFF, DC000-DDFFF, DE000-DFFFF
  16 KB / C0000-C3FFF, C4000-C7FFF, C8000-CBFFF, CC000-CFFFF, D0000-D3FFF, D4000-D7FFF, DC000-DFFFF
   32 KB / C0000-C7FFF, C8000-CFFFF, D0000-D7FFF, D8000-DFFFF
   64 KB / C0000-CFFFF, D0000-DFFFF

Interrupt Level
   The TokenLink III can operate on interrupt 2, 3, 10, or 11. The preferred interrupt level is 2, but it can operate on any of them if necessary.
   <"Interrupt 2">, 3, 10, 11

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