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Ardent Tool Mirrors
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The CSIPH Newsgroup

comp.sys.ibm.ps2.hardware aka "CSIPH" is a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to PS/2 systems, even the non-MCA ones. It is inhabited mainly by people who are enthusiasts, obsessives, M.A.D. or all three!

To get the best possible experience you will need a robust newsreader (client software, e.g. Thunderbird) and then some Usenet provider (e.g. Kevin Bowling's CSIPH server or Eternal September).

If you are just stopping by or have trouble setting up the reader, the "ready to use" but fairly limited Google Groups web interface may be a better option for you.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Ardent Tool Mirrors

Kevin Bowling's Mirror This is the real deal. Maintained by Louis Ohland himself! [US]

Vampire's Mirror Earlier snapshot [IT]
Retro PC Mirror Earlier snapshot [SE]
Bob Eager's Mirror Very old snapshot [UK]
Wild Bill's Mirror Very old snapshot, modified Home Page [US]

PS/2 and MCA Related Fan Sites

The Microchannel Enthusiast's Page by Peter Wendt (old address)
   (information merged to this version of the Ardent Tool)
MCA Base (by Unal Z) (local #1, local #2)
Walsh Computer Technology Computer Collection Pages by William Walsh
Just Another Freekin' Web Page by Jim Shorney. (old address)
   The P70 Project by "Dr" Jim Shorney (God of Solder!) (old address) (local version)
Personal System/55 (JP) Tatsuo Sunagawa (local version)
The PS/2 Page by Dennis Smith. Contains sorted links down to IBM minotaurian ftp-labyrinth of reference, diagnostic and option disks (old address)
Tavi PS/2 Pages by Bob Eager; Get his IDMCA there.
   If you have Reply Upgrade, check Files for Reply hardware
Model 80 Page by Kane Partridge from Australia
The MCA Mafia is coming for you from Smokey Behr
Alfred Arnold's website
The PS2 Resource Center from Computercraft
NetBSD on a PS/2

Vintage Hardware and Software

Bitsavers Archive of vintage computer documentation and software
OS/2 Museum Michal Necasek's blog about IBM OS/2 and vintage HW/SW/OS in general
OS/2 Site Australia OS/2 Warp Software and Information
INT10h.org by "VileR", everything about classic PC fonts


Vintage Computer Forum
VOGONS vintage computing
Geekhack forum for keyboard enthusiasts
Deskthority mechanical keyboards
BetaArchive pre-release software and abandonware

Official Websites

IBM - Official Links

IBM Announcement Search (enable JS, as of 17 June 2016) (old address)
IBM Networking FTP (?) site, may need to surf IA for links
IBM Boulder FTP
IBM Software FTP
IBM Hursley (P2P) FTP (pretty much empty)

IBM - Mirrors

EPRM mirror (different version)

9595 Main Page