EduQuest and 7386
Utility and Diagnostics Disks

Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE). Edited by Major Tom.

Provided for download here are several utilities and diagnostic programs for both EduQuest and 7386 computers.

File Description Format
60G0912.EXE EduQuest Diagnostics for 9603, 9604, 9605, 9608, 9613, and 9615 1.44 MB
92G8937.EXE IBM Educational Computer Models 9614 and 9615 Diagnostics 1.44 MB
60G2556.EXE Ethernet Utilities for EduQuest Models 9603, 9604, and 9605 720 KB
60G2547.EXE Token Ring Utilities for EduQuest Models 9603, 9604, and 9605 720 KB
33G8155.EXE Power Booster (7386) Diagnostics Disk 720 KB

Note: All of these files are in ARDI format (see HERE) and will self-extract from Windows. While I have not tested it, the ARDI program will supposedly output a standard image file when a switch is passed to it from the command line. This capability might be useful if you don't have ready access to 720KB disks.

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