AIX/PS2 Preventive Service PTF# U400005

  1) U400005 updates the base operating system and must be put on before any other service update. U400005 also contains the new boot and install disks.
  2) U419369 updates merge, nfs, tcpip, and x25.
  3) U419370 updates administrative services, extensions, ibm image adapter a,  ate, cdrom, english, kanji, learn, text formatting service, and graphics subroutine library.
  4) U419371 updates all  of X11.

   The install disks have been changed to recognize operating systems other than AIX and give an opportunity to delete them. For each hard disk with  a non-AIX partition on it a screen will be displayed with the four disk partitions and what is on them.
   If you do not wish to delete any of the partitions, move the cursor to the  "write system partition" option and press enter.
   To delete any of the 4 partitions, move the  cursor  to  the  partition  you  wish to delete and press enter. The name of the partition will be blanked out. When you are done deleting each partition and wish to continue, move the cursor to the "write system partition"

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