320/520 PCI/EISA Planar

Micronics M54Pe

78h6488.exe 320 / 520 EISA Config Disk >133 MHz v4.02 (readme) (zipped image)
62h6806.exe 320 / 520 EISA Config Disk =<133 MHz v3.30 (readme) (zipped image)
m76h4891.exe EISA Flash BIOS v16T3B (any processor speed) (zipped image)

194-180 IBM PC Server (EISA Models)

320/520 PCI/EISA Planar FRU P/N 12J4534 or 12J4534 (Exx models)

This appears to be a rebadged Micronics M54Pe motherboard.

J1,2,26 Power Supply Connector (P1 to J1, P2 to J2, P3 to J26)
J6 Mouse Connector
J8 Keyboard Connector
J9 Parallel Port Connector
J10 Floppy Drive Connector
J11 Serial Port Comm A
J12 Serial Port Comm B
J13 ISA IDE Connector
W12,31 Speaker
W18,37 Power LED (1-3)
W24,38 IDE Hard Drive LED
W35 CPU Fan Connector
W36 CPU Fan Connector

System Board Jumpers

W1 L1 Cache Mode
   Open = L1 Write-Back (default)
   Closed = L1 Write-Through
W5 L2 Cache Size
   Pin 1-2 = 256K (default)
   Pin 2-3 = 512K
W10 L2 Cache Size
   Pin 1-2 = 256K (default)
   Pin 2-3 = 512K
W11 Jumper is not available; Reserved (2-3) on board FRU P/N 76H0469
W16 Reserved (1-2)
W17 Reserved (Closed)
   (Without jumper on W17 -> won't accept BIOS flash!
   You will see Error Msg. error 0024: Vpp low Error Detected)
W20 Monitor Select
   Open = Monochrome / Closed = Color (default)
W21 Reserved (Closed)
   Open = AT style Keyboard
   Closed = PS/2 style Keyboard/Mouse (default)
W22 Reserved (Open)
W23 Reserved (Open)
W25 ISA IDE IRQ select
   Pin 1-2 = ISA IDE using IRQ 14 (Primary IDE default)
   Pin 2-3 = ISA IDE using IRQ 15 Secondary IDE
W30 Reserved (Open)
W41 Parity
   Closed = default
W42 Number of installed processors; Reserved (Open) on board FRU P/N 76H0469
   Closed = Single Processor
   Open = Dual Processor

CPU Speed Settings (Board w/o jumper W27 & W28, FRU P/N 06H2173)

CPU speed
50/75 MHzOpen2-3Closed
60/90 MHzOpen1-2Open
66/100 MHzOpen2-3Open
66/133 MHzClosed2-3Open

CPU Speed Settings (Board with jumper W27 & W28, FRU P/N 12J4534)

CPU speed
50/75 MHzOpen2-3OpenOpenClosed
60/90 MHzOpen1-2OpenOpenOpen
66/100 MHzOpen2-3OpenOpenOpen
66/133 MHzClosed2-3OpenOpenOpen
66/166 MHzClosed2-3ClosedClosedOpen
66/200 MHzOpen2-3ClosedClosedOpen

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