IBM 7496 Executive Workstation

"Custom Terminal Executive Workstation" Customer Diagnostic Diskette ver. 1.00 (zipped RAW image) (thx to Paul Bruner)

IBM 7496 Executive Workstation Guide to Operations, 1st Ed. (May 1989) (scan by Paul Bruner)
IBM 7496 Executive Workstation - Computer Reset Ad (from CR Catalog, scan by VWestlife)

IBM 7496 Executive Workstation by Home Computer Museum (Netherlands)

From 'Computer Reset' - The IBM 7496 "Executive Workstation"!
The 7496 "Executive Workstation" components - benched for demonstration!
Testing the IBM 7496 "Executive Workstation" further - for the CRT screen!
IBM 7496 "Executive Workstation" - Building a working lower assembly!
Fixing an IBM 7496 "Executive Workstation" (and Model 30) Real-Time Clock issue!
A WORKING IBM 7496 Executive Workstation! - Success!
   All videos by David Beem aka "IBMMuseum"

7496 Planar
System Firmware
   ROM Images
Riser Card
Power Supply
7496 and 7960 Connection

Photos provided by Hugh Fisher and David Beem.


The 7496 Executive Workstation can be considered an all-in-one computer system, most likely designed for the healthcare sector.

The machine is build around the PS/2 Model 30 planar and riser.

7496 Planar P/N 61X8823

Same as the PS/2 Model 30 (8086, "P-PLANAR") planar.

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in mask ROM. Reused from PS/2 Model 30.

ROM Images

61X8940 / 61X8939 - 05 Feb 1987, Model 30 rev. 2, 2x 27256 (U17 / U20)

Riser Card P/N 61X8864 [P]

Same as the PS/2 Model 30 (8086) riser.

All three card-edge connectors are populated, but since the chassis has space for two adapters only, the top connector is covered by a label saying "DO NOT USE THIS SLOT".

Power Supply [P]

Nothing yet.

Monitor [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P]


Sony Trinitron Character Display
Model No.: CPD-9090
FCC ID: AK896ACPD-9000

It seems to be a slightly modified CPD-9000 (see HERE).

Video Input

The monitor supports both digital and analog video signals. The input method is selected manually by a switch on the back side of the unit (hidden behind covers).

If the monitor displays a raster when powered on, but doesn't react to a video signal from the base unit, make sure the mode select switch is set to "ANALOG" to match the MCGA video output. If the setting is correct, try moving the switch back and forth a few times to ensure proper contact. If that doesn't resolve the problem do a visual inspection of the signal cable and test it for continuity.

The "RGB IN" connector is Honda VTR type EIAJ-8 (some info HERE).

7496 and 7960 Connection (from uniservo on YouTube)

The 7496 Executive Workstation is another piece of the 7690 Clinical Workstation. While the 7960 hung next to the patients near the beds, the 7496 sat in the crowded nurses pits - thus the relatively well sealed units and small stature. The labels on the bottom of the the units give the clue - they were printed by the same company that did the conversions, and that company was not IBM. This was done for a relatively large trial by one of the healthcare providers - maybe Spectrum? I found a link a couple of years ago describing the system, but it seems to have disappeared. It describes the trial having 1000 units, but was ultimately not a success and killed off. I do not know what the central server was - perhaps a mainframe?

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