730T/TE Tablet

195-254 730TE Enhancements and Optional Features
196-217 730TE Vehicle Docking Solution
s730t110.exe System Disk (v1.10): ThinkPad 730T/TE

Dan's IBM ThinkPad 730 pages
Madmax's 730T Page (actually, Pen Computing)
IBM 730T ThinkPad O/S & technical information page (Saved from oblivion?)

IBM ThinkPad 730TE(2524-BFH)

IBM 730T with Pen for OS/2, ultimate PDA

Pen for OS/2
Pen for OS/2* Version 1.03 (6/1/1995, 4.7MB)
Pen for OS/2, ver 1.03 Software Developer's Toolkit (6/1/1995, 1.3MB)

Transnote Stuff
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730TE Top View
730 Models
Remove Password
AC Adapter
Compatible Stylus
External Floppy
Port Replicator
FRU Error Codes
Numeric Error Codes
Using a Mouse
Digitizer System Resources
External CRT

730TE Top View

   1. Speaker Volume Buttons
   2. Contrast Button
   3. Backlight Button
   4. Reverse Video Button
   5. Suspend Button
   6. PCMCIA Indicator
   7. Battery Pack 1 Status Indicator
   8. Battery Pack 2 Status Indicator
   9. Power-ON Indicator

The reverse video switches between dark background/light text to light background/dark text. I prefer dark text/light background because less pixels need to be activated (help the batteries)

Backlight has three settings dim, bright, and OFF


These puppies go on the internal memory connector on the top of the planar.
8MB Memory Daughtercard   84G0476
4MB Memory Daughtercard  84G0478

  I have used an 8MB IC DRAM card from a 720 with no problem.

Might be able to use 32MB IC DRAM cards. (TP370 32MB card fails- wrong memory speed)

730T and 730TE Models
2524-801  4MB
2524-901  8MB
2524-80F 4MB 105MB 486SX-33, Pen-Windows
2524-90F 8MB 105MB 486SX-33, Pen-Windows
2524-B0F -- 260MB, DX4/8MB, Pen-Windows
2524-B01 -- No HDD, DX4/8MB

Password Overriding Procedure 730TE (2524)

1. Power off the system.
2. Remove the Pen Compartment Cover and the Sub Battery cover.
3. Identify the security pin which is located beside the sub battery.
4. Power on system while shorting the two security pins with a regular screwdriver's flat tip.
  To enable the password again, select password on the Easy-Setup screen and enter the password.

Battery Packs are P/N 84G0566 or FRU 84G0562
Sub-Battery is a Panasonic KRM 11/16 CF, 3.6v 45mAH NiCd IBM P/N 66G9480
Backup Battery is a CR2016 with two pins 180 degrees apart, soldered onto the planar.

AC Adapter
   P/N 66G9523 FRU 99G0505
100 - 240 vac, .45 - .25 A
15vDC, 1.3A

Compatible Stylus (Styli?)
>I'm looking for a few pens for the 730 TE. IBM can deliver, but it will take 4-5 weeks. Does anyone know where I might get quicker delivery? Can I use other brands of pens on the Thinkpad? I expect it's quite easy to get hold of spare pens for Windows CE machines.

RLS104 replies:
   The Win CE pens will not work on your 730.  In general, any wacom pen will work - it's used on the Mitsubishi Amity's, the old Toshiba T100 and T200, and all pen enabled Thinkpads.  The CE pens are really just sticks - no electronic properties, whereas the wacom pens have some electronics in them that enables, for instance, the right mouse button from the button on the barrel.

   I used to have a 730TE, and have had a TP 360PE and it worked on both of them.  Both of them have the same video driver and digitizer as your 750P, so there should be no problem.

External Diskette Drive (Opt. TOGP14M) 48G8263
   "Just wanted to advise that some of the newer Thinkpad's External Floppy Drives will function with the 730T. I was using the External floppy from my 765D system, FRU# 66G5069 P/N 66G3696. The floppy drive is also used in the following Thinkpad units, the 360, 355, 370, 701, 755, & 760. This drive unit should be easier and less expensive to obtain than the original unit"

External Diskette Drive Checkout (2524)
   A scratch, write enabled 1.44MB diskette is required.
  1. Select FDD icon on TEST MENU.  This runs the controller test and drive read/write test. If the test detects an error, FRU code 10 appears. In this case, replace the system board.
  2. If controller test runs without errors, follow instructions on the screen and insert floppy.
  3. If the drive test detects an error, FRU code 50 appears. If the diskette media is known to be good, replace the drive or the drive cable. 

Port Replicator 84G0525

7.   AC Adapter Connector
8.   Keyboard Connector (See Mouse Use)
9.   FDD Connector
10. CRT Display Connector (640x480 resolution)
11. Parallel Connector (Bidirectional parallel port)
12. Serial Connector

FRU Error Codes
FRU Code       FRU
  10                 System Board
  11                 CPU Card
  20                 Memory (See 'Memory')
  30                Keyboard
  31                 Numeric Keypad
  32                 Keyboard, External
  33                Mouse
  36                 LCD / Digitizer
  40                 LCD Assembly
  41                 External CRT
  50                 External Diskette Drive
  60                 System Board
  65                 IC Card Memory
  68                 TPF Card Hard Disk Card
  70                 System Board (Printer)
  71                 System Board (Printer control)
  85                 System Board (Speaker)

Numeric Error Codes (2524)

Numeric Error Codes
Symptom/Error              FRU/Action
   10X                            1. System board
   100                             1. IC DRAM Card
                                      2. Memory Card
                                      3. System Board
       (Check 'Memory Checkout' before changing any device.)
   111                            1. Option Bus
                                     2. System Board
   161                            1. System Board
    (Backup Battery)
   162                            1. Check Device Configuration
                                     2. System Board
                                     3. Diskette Drive Assembly
                                     4. Diskette Drive Cable
                                     5. Hard Disk Card
                                     6. Modem Card
 (Check  'Installed Devices Check' before changing any device.)
   163                             1. Set Time and Date
                                      2. System Board
   164                             1. Check Device Configuration
                                   2. IC DRAM Card
                                     3. Memory Card
                                   4. System Board
       (Check 'Memory Checkout' before changing anydevice.)
   1XX                             1. System Board
   20X                             1. IC DRAM Card
                                       2. Memory Card
                                       3. System Board
   21X                             1. IC DRAM Card
                                       2. Memory Card
                                       3. System Board
   2XX                            1. IC DRAM Card
                                   2. Memory Card
                                   3. System Board
     (Check 'Memory Checkout'  before changing any device.)
   301, 31X       1. System Board
                         2. Keyboard
                         3. Port Replicator
   304, 305        1. System Board
                         2. Mouse
                         3. Keyboard
                         4. Port Replicator
   308                1. System Board
   3XX              1. Keyboard
                         2. Mouse
                         3. System Board
                         4. Port Replicator
   601, 6XX        1. System Board
                            2. Diskette Drive Assembly
                           3. Diskette Drive Cable
                           4. Port Replicator
      (Go to the 'External Diskette Drive Checkout' before changing any device.)
   602                    1. Diskette Drive Assembly
   9XX                   1. System Board
                              2. Parallel Device
                              3. Port Replicator
   11XX                  1. System Board
                               2. Serial Device
                               3. Port Replicator
   12XX                  1. System Board
                               2. Serial Device
                               3. Communication Cable
                               4. Port Replicator
   17XX                  1. Disk Drive Assembly
                               2. System Board
   24XX                  1. System Board
                               2. LCD Assembly
   5001 - 5016        1. System Board
                               2. LCD Assembly
   5017 - 5020        1. System Board
                               2. LCD Assembly
   8601, 8603          1. System Board
                               2. Mouse
                              3. Port Replicator
   86XX                  1. Mouse
                               2. System Board
                               3. Port Replicator
   101XX                 1. Modem Card
                                2. System Board
   102XX                  1. System Board
   I9990305              1. Operating System
                                2. OS Device

Mouse Use
  IBM says - "Mouse devices such as PS/2 Mouse and Microsoft Mouse are not supported. The Stylus Pen should be used as the pointing device instead of using a mouse."

Alfred Arnold reports:
   Might be that it's not officially supported, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't work.  My TP730TE came without the pen, so I had to look for an alternative.  Got a Y-shaped adapter from a friend that has a PS/2 plug on one end, and two PS/2 sockets at the other end.  The sockets are labeled 'Mouse' and 'Keyboard'.  Stick the plug into the replicator's keyboard
jack, you plug in the mouse and the keyboard into the two sockets, just like the two PS/2 sockets of an ordinary machine.  Works like a charm - at least under Debian Linux...the adapter is entirely passive, so the signals for mouse /and/ keyboard must be present on the 730's keyboard jack.

From me, god-Emperor of Microchannel
   Picked up a PS/2 splitter from Ebay. I used a Model M keyboard. First attempt failed with the Model M on the keyboard cable of the splitter - the LEDs didn't light up during POST. Swapped the keyboard to the mouse cable of the splitter, tried again. It works. Now to load something with mouse support...

An IBM Announcement says:
"Space saver keyboard (84G2524) usage
    To attach a space saver keyboard through the port replicator, a Y-cable is required.  The Y-cable connection must be reversed so that the keyboard is connected to the mouse connector of the Y-cable and the mouse is connected to the keyboard connector of the Y-cable."

Digitizer System Resources
   The system reserves COM4 (base I/O address 3E8h), IRQ 5 as the internal digitizer communication port. For serial I/O communications like the external 232C or PCMCIA modem cards, use COM2. 

External CRT
   When the external CRT monitor is attached to the system, the CRT monitor supported is VGA (640 x 480, 16 colors). The LCD and external VGA CRT are simultaneously displayed.

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