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This product is no longer being manufactured by Intel. THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED FOR HISTORICAL REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY AND IS SUBJECT TO THE TERMS SET FORTH IN THE "LEGAL INFORMATION" LINK BELOW. For information on currently available Intel products, please see and/or

Note: The ActionMedia® II and its related products have been End-of-Lifed (EOL) by Intel. Please see the Actionmedia® II End Of Life Letter and the Actionmedia® II Resource List for further support information.

The ActionMedia® II Delivery Board and Capture Module were primarily intended for use in applications requiring high-quality, full-screen video running under a variety of operating systems and supporting a wide range of accelerated video algorithms.

The Intel Smart Video Recorder brings cost-effective video to the business and consumer desktop PC, allowing users to create effective multimedia presentations. Also, the Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro is designed for software only playback, eliminating the need for additional hardware onboard for acceleration.

ActionMedia® II

Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro

List Price$1,415 Delivery Board
$495 Capture Module
Minimum System Requirements for Capturei386DX/25
<30 MB free on hard drive, 4 MB RAM
256 color VGA card
Video Source
i486SX/25, Windows 3.1
30 MB free on hard drive, 4 MB RAM
256 color VGA card
Video Source
Operating SystemsWindows 3.1
Windows 3.1
OS/2 v2.1 (Windows 3.1 emulation mode)
Algorithm SupportPLV
Indeo Video Technology
Indeo Video Technology
Sound Board RequiredNOYES
Capture Capability


160 x 120 @ 30 fps (.avi)
256 x 240 @ 30 fps (.avs)
512 x 480 @ 30 fps (interpolated)

Up to 512 x 480 x 24 bit

320 x 240 @ 30 fps
240 x 180 @ 30 fps
320 x 240 @ 30 fps

Up to 640 x 480 x 24 bit

Real Time CaptureYESYES
Live MonitoringYESYES
Uncompressed CaptureYESYES
Accelerated PlaybackYESNO
OutputFrom ActionMedia® II BoardFrom VGA/System Graphics Card
Input TypesNTSC/PAL S-video, Composite, RGB, RGB separate syncNTSC/PAL S-video, Composite
File Size (1 minute) 160 x 120 @ 30 fps9 MB< 6 MB
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